Dinesh Karthik: It is a consistent routine over a period of time

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Dinesh Karthik: It is a consistent routine over a period of time
Dinesh Karthik: It is a consistent routine over a period of time (Provided by Sport World News)

Dinesh Karthik has shown his qualities many times and this time he confirmed them by ending India's run chase in T20i in only two balls. He explained where his constancy and readiness come from. "I have been practising over a period of time for this, and I have been doing it for RCB and I am happy doing it here.

It is a consistent routine over a period of time. "When I get off time, I get a lot of scenario practice. Vikram Rathour and Rahul Dravid have also been accommodating of how I want to practice, and what shots I want to practice.

I have been very specific about it, I don't practice too much, I just keep it as specific as possible."- he said, as quoted by cricbuzz.com Rohit Sharma is of great importance to India. His qualities are visible, and this time he showed his readiness and capacities.

His game was also praised by Karthik, who emphasized the importance of such a player. "Rohit Sharma played brilliantly. I got two balls, so I just tried my best there. To play such shots against the new ball, against top-class new ball bowlers, is not easy.

It shows why Rohit is such a big player in world cricket, not only Indian cricket. His ability to play against fast-bowling is second to none and that is what makes him truly special."

Rishabh Pant

Although some were skeptical about Rishabh Pant, the coach gave him a chance.

Karthik is also well acquainted with the qualities of Pant. "Everyone knows about Rishabh Pant's quality, yes he could not bat but we all know what quality he brings to the table. We just needed four bowlers today, playing five bowlers in this game was a luxury.

I think the Indian team made the right choice of playing Rishabh." Axar Patel is one of the rare left-handers. Southpaw could bat higher up. Dinesh emphasized that this is what they intend to do "It is something we are trying," Karthik explained.

"There are times they (management) feel that there could be a couple of overs where Axar Patel could target the spinner and take them on. That was the kind of logic at that stage and having a left-hander when a leg-spinner is bowling, it is a good match-up.

We try and use that option sometimes, depending on how the game is unraveling at that point in time."