KL Rahul on Virat Kohli: I think that celebration was more a relief

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KL Rahul on Virat Kohli: I think that celebration was more a relief

Virat Kohli finally succeeded in what he dreamed of. After 1019 days, Virat managed to score his 71st international century. Kohli can be happy after all and KL Rahul gave his opinion; "I think that celebration was more a relief," KL Rahul said on the press-conference as quoted by criccbuz.com Virat Kohli has always been extremely dedicated to the work he does, but his great game has been waiting for a long time.

Rahul confirmed that Kohli has always had the same attitude and the same motives. "There was no difference to his mindset, attitude and work-ethic in the last 2-3 years, or before that when he used to score 100s every second game.

There's been no difference in the way he prepares for the game, or the attitude towards representing the country and winning matches for his team. The desire and the passion he's had has always remained the same," Rahul said.


Statistics are what most people look at, but few notice the effect and participation of the players in the game. Therefore, some players were 'unfairly' accused. "I think we're also very obsessed with numbers - only if centuries are being hit, a batter is considered to be in form - but his contributions in the last 2-3 years were phenomenal.

He's still the top-2 or top-3 run-getters in white-ball cricket in the last two or three years," Rahul said. "As a player, you always want to be perfect or challenge yourself. You run behind excellence. He's always been that player.

Even during this [lean] phase, he's remained in the moment, he's worked hard on his game, he's remained patient - and that's been a big learning for us in the group that these ups and downs are a part of every player's career and how you remain balanced in your mindset, how you can focus on what's in front of you today." Everyone is happy after Kohli's excellent game and they are aware that his good form means a lot to the team.

Virat will gain confidence, and now he should continue at the same pace. "I think he's done that [focus on simple things] brilliantly over the last couple of years and in that dressing room none of us are surprised with what he's done.

I am sure this will give him even more confidence - not that he needed confidence, but he will obviously cherish this 100 and it'll build great confidence around the group as well," Rahul added.