Virat Kohli disappointed: I didn't get a message from anyone else

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Virat Kohli disappointed: I didn't get a message from anyone else

Virat Kohli is in a big crisis and there is a lot of pressure on him lately. This is why his decision to take a month off before the Asian Cup is not surprising. Kohli is disappointed for his friend and teammate after giving up the captain's armband.

"One thing I can tell you is when I gave up Test captaincy, I got a message from only one person who I've played with before - MS Dhoni," Kohli said, as quoted by cricbuzz. "A lot of people have my number and a lot of people give suggestions on TV, but among people who have my number, I didn't get a message from anyone else.

When there's respect and a connection with someone, when it's genuine, it looks like this. Because there's security at both ends. Neither was I insecure with him [Dhoni] nor was he insecure with me. All I can say is if I want to tell someone something I'll reach out individually, if the help is needed.

If you give a suggestion in front of the whole world, it holds no value for me. If it is something that will improve me then you can do it one-on-one also," Kohli continued.

Virat Kohli and his rest

Kohli has been on the cricket scene for a long time and has shown his quality countless times.

Sometimes even these things are not respected by individuals. Resting was a great thing for him to understand certain facts and to prepare. "I've played for 14 years, it doesn't happen by chance. My job is to work hard on my game, something that I am always keen to do for the team and something that I continue to do.

Everyone's doing their job eventually, our job is to play the game, work hard, give our 120% and I've said it in the past that as long as I am doing that and the team has faith in that, what happens in the change room is the only thing that matters to us, and to me personally," he said.

"People have their opinions and that's absolutely fine but that doesn't change my happiness as a person. I've taken some time away, put things in perspective. It's given me kind of a relaxation that this is not the be-all and end-all of life.

I need to enjoy the game, I can't put so much pressure of expectation on myself, that I am not able to express myself. That is not why I started playing this game."