KL Rahul satisfied with his team and optimistic for the future

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KL Rahul satisfied with his team and optimistic for the future

KL Rahul believes that numbers in sports are not the main measure of a player's or team's success. He says that sometimes those numbers can be an inaccurate indicator. KL Rahul does not have such a great number this season, but he is still a key player who does his best and helps the team a lot.

"Strike-rates are very, very overrated," Rahul said after the game. "For me, it's only about how I can win games for my team. And if on a certain day I think a strike-rate of 120 can win the game for my team, I will do that.

This is how I bat and I would like to take responsibility as a leader. We all make mistakes, I'm not saying I have not made a few mistakes but you learn each day as a leader, as a batter." , as quoted by criccbuzz "It's a partnership.

When we are out in the middle as a batting group, every player has a role in the team, and those roles can change in the middle with each game so I try to do the best I can for the team, try and assess the situation and play according to that.

For me at the end of the day, I need to walk out of the ground knowing that I've tried to win the game."

Nicholas Pooran

KL Rahul had only positive words for Nicholas Pooran "The way he has been batting, even in the last season we had glimpses of how good a player he is," Rahul pointed out.

"We have been having a lot of chats. He is someone who is very keen on being a match-winner for us." "Until the time he was there, he gave us a lot of hope and made the opposition uncomfortable. If three or four of us with our skills can come together (we can win), we have been fielding well, we have shown a lot of heart.

There are a lot of positives, the points table doesn't suggest that. The execution can go wrong but we need to be patient with the team. We need to keep believing that we are just a few wins away and this team will start looking good."

He is pleased with his team and the young guys who are considered to be huge talents "There are some exciting guys in the line-up and one of them is Ishan. I'm sure at some point he will get a game. Arshdeep did well so it's great to see a young Indian fast bowler who comes in and bowls well. It's a very good sign."