Predictions of boxing stars before the match; Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk

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Predictions of boxing stars before the match; Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua will fight on Sunday night. This is the fight we have been waiting for so long and we can expect a real spectacle. What many are interested in are the predictions of boxing and sports greats.

There are many different opinions, but we will convey some of them to you. Tyson Fury revealed to the Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel what he thought about that match: “Without trying to slate AJ or anything, because he has done well, he has had a great career, he doesn’t have the engine to box for 12 rounds.

So unless he comes to Morecambe and lets me train him for this fight, I see another loss, to be fair. If not, he gets another loss on his record. Unless Joshua gets his a*** up to Morecambe and lets me train him for this fight" Joe Joyce spoke to talkSPORT about expectations: “Usyk’s already beaten Joshua,” he said. “So it’s the same thing again and he also has the confidence from beating him the first time.

So, it’s down to Joshua now to step his game up and try and get back those titles. I still think Usyk’s got what it takes to bash him up again. But, Joshua has a puncher’s chance, a heavy punch, but if he can’t land those big shots then it’s Usyk again”.

One of the greatest boxing legends, Mike Tyson, spoke about the tactics that Joshua should use; “It’s gonna be hard to beat Usyk,” Tyson said on Instagram live. He’s fast and he out-punched Joshua with his jab.

Joshua has to learn to deal with his jab. That’s the only thing he couldn’t handle, he couldn’t handle his jab and his movement. He’s too fast for Joshua. Joshua has to put a lot of pressure on him and keep it on him all night.

He’s a powerful puncher, but he’s not as accurate – you’ve gotta be accurate against a guy like that. Because he moves so much, the jab is educated and he just outsmarts the guy”.

John Fury and KSI's opinion

John Fury, father of Tyson Fury.

surprised many with the opinion; “Don’t be surprised if AJ pulls it off,” John said for talkSPORT. “I’ve got a sneaky feeling again that AJ’s going to do it and he has this remarkable way of bouncing back, doesn’t he”.

KSI believes that Joshua should use his experience: “I think he needs to put it on Usyk, just put it on him. Show Usyk that he’s the heavyweight and he cannot deal with his heavyweight power, he just needs to put it on him. You can’t try to outbox Usyk because Usyk is just, his amateur experience is too high."