Anthony Joshua: "The decision about the new coach was not made by me, but.."

'He's [Garcia] experienced, he's trained a lot of fighters before'

by Sead Dedovic
Anthony Joshua: "The decision about the new coach was not made by me, but.."

Anthony Joshua, after an unsuccessful episode in the fight against Oleksandr Usyk, decided to fire his coach, Rob McCracken. Joshua was looking for big coaching names. Virgil Hunter, Ronnie Shields and Eddy Reynoso were in the game, but Joshua eventually decided on Robert Garcia, who has an interesting CV.

Speaking to Behind The Gloves, The Briton explained his decision: 'He's [Garcia] experienced, he's trained a lot of fighters before. He gets you throwing punches, he knows the big stage and that kind of stuff. '- Joshua said.

Angel, his head coach, had the biggest role in selecting Garcia. Anthony wanted someone who could cooperate with Angel and where there would be a positive atmosphere between the two of them. Angel confirmed his selection. 'Away from what I thought of Garcia, I rate all the trainers I went to see including him.

I said to Angel, my head coach in London, 'Can you choose who you want to work with'. Angel has to be comfortable working with Garcia and Garcia has to be comfortable working with Angel in order for them to give me the best.


What is most important for him is that both of them have a good relationship and that they respect each other. Without that, the atmosphere would be very difficult to work with. 'I just can't think Garcia is good but Angel doesn't like him and I'm trying to make that relationship work.

Those two get along well and it's worked really well.' Angel and Garcia make certain decisions together, analyze their opponents together, and Joshua hopes that it will be a winning chemistry. The next challenge could be the biggest in his career.

Joshua has a desire for revenge after a heavy defeat. However, he is aware of the Ukrainian's ability and the dangers of his fight. Joshua continued: 'They have to got to do strategic planning, sparring reviews when they are watching it.

They've got to sit down a lot together so I thought it's important for Angel to make the decision of who he wants to work with. Angel decided Garcia was good and I agreed, I said 'yeah man, I'm down for that' and it's been a good relationship.'

We are waiting for a big fight between two big names who want to be number 1 in the world. Both are experienced and have a handful of big matches behind them. This could be one of the biggest for them.

Anthony Joshua