Chris Eubank Jr: “This may be the first camp in my life where.."

“I’m actually going to try and do it on my own "

by Sead Dedovic
Chris Eubank Jr: “This may be the first camp in my life where.."

Chris Eubank Jr. is aware that he has to reduce the weight to 157 pounds, considering that this is the limit for his next fight against Conor Benn on October 8 in London. Until now, Eubank had no practice to reduce weight or hire a nutritionist, but this time he had no other options.

His nutritionist will be in charge of preparing him for the next match and maintaining his weight limit. “I never had a nutritionist for a fight ever,” Eubank told BBC 5 Live Boxing. “This may be the first camp in my life where I may have a nutritionist or a personal chef, you know someone who is providing certain types of meals, certain amounts of food, I may need that”.

Eubank Jr. is ready to give his best in order to prepare as best as possible for the next challenge. There is even an option to include other people to make his way to the goal easier. This is the first time that he encounters an analysis of his body, with calories and all other factors that affect weight gain.

“I’m actually going to try and do it on my own and if I can see, ‘Oh, ok, we’re getting a bit tight here, we’re getting a bit close,’ and if I think I’m not where I think I should be, I’ll bring some people in,” Eubank said.

“But I want to see if I can do it. I’m that sick, I’m just like, I want to see if I can do this myself. I’ve never had a nutritionist, I’ve never had anybody measuring my body fat and you know calories—I’ve never looked at calories ever”.

Eubank Jr. on his opponent

Eubank believes that his opponent will have certain advantages in that match. However, he accepted the conditions before the fight and now he will have to fulfill his part. Chris is aware that a difficult challenge awaits him, but he believes in his qualities.

“I have a certain weight that I can only get back up to,” Eubank said. “I’m weighing the day in and before the fight and all that stuff. He (Benn) walks around that weight anyway. He may even be bigger than me on the fight, obviously I’m taller.

This 15 pounds heavier that [George] Groves had on me, nowhere near that”. This match could be a real refreshment on the boxing scene and a spectacle that we will remember for a long time. Two big boxers are waiting for us in the ring!