Anthony Joshua: “Is there anything I could learn from Tyson Fury? Honestly.."

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Anthony Joshua: “Is there anything I could learn from Tyson Fury? Honestly.."

The match between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk will be a real spectacle. Joshua's victory could mean a match between him and Tyson Fury. However, Tyson Fury does not expect Joshua to be the one to win. '' When this middleweight boxer (Usyk) knocks out that bodybuilder (Joshua), only one man is left to handle those things.

What I have to say to people who want that match, prepare a big payout. The return of Gypsy King will cost you. I’m fighting for money, but it will cost you if you want me to go on a mission with this middle-class fighter and show what a real heavyweight can do to him.

You will have to put your hand deep in your pocket before we can start negotiations, '' Fury said. Tyson Fury invited Joshua to come to his training and prepare him for the match against Usyk. He also emphasized that Robert Garcia (Joshua's coach) cannot help him.

"If Anthony Joshua doesn't drag his ass to Morecambe and let me train him for this match, Robert Garcia and ten others won't help him." "First of all, they don't know him. Second, they don’t know what he (Joshua) can give.

Third, he’s not a little Mexican who can compete with someone through 15 rounds. If he is aggressive from the first round, he will get tired through the first four rounds and Usyk will finish him in the sixth or seventh round.

If he comes to Morecambe Bay, I will teach him how to become a real Viking man through all twelve rounds and how to deal with these little middleweight guys. If he doesn't, I think he'll lose again. It will be the second defeat in a row, and then it's all over, "Gypsy King concluded.

Anthony Joshua response

Anthony Joshua responded to Fury's statements: “Is there anything I could learn from him? Honestly, no not really,” Joshua told The Mirror. “For a man that’s retired, go and have a beer, relax, go and help some people who need it, what are you talking about me for? “He’s an interesting character but I wouldn’t take his help as well.

I’ve done my thing, he has done his and good luck to him whatever he’s doing”. After Monday's match, Tyson Fury decided to say 'the end' He has finished his career, but some believe that he will still come back and fight against the winner Joshua-Usyk.

“It's [Fury's] choice because this is a fight we’ve been chasing for how many years? We were this close and then the arbitration happened, and then it fell through," Joshua said. “We were already in preparation for it, about two weeks, and then it changed like, ‘Nah, done’, and then we’re fighting Usyk. It’s not up to us, he has to make that decision for him”.

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