Jake Paul: Boxing saved my life

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Jake Paul: Boxing saved my life

Jake Paul has shown that he is a top fighter and has silenced his critics many times. Many believe that boxing is his business and his only goal is to earn the money, but it seems that Jake still loves the sport and wants to influence its popularity.

Jake Paul has proven to be a fairly talented boxer after achieving five consecutive wins in his professional career. Of those five, he scored four by knockout, beating top opponents such as former Bellator champion Ben Askren and two-time former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul was known to the public even before he tried his hand at boxing waters thanks to the YouTube platform. It was here that he gained the greatest popularity. Jake Paul revealed how boxing affected his life and how it actually took him on the right path.

"Boxing saved my life so I owe a lot to the sport. If I hadn't started boxing I'd probably be in jail or dead because I took a path in my early 20's that just wasn't sustainable in the long run." "That's why I'm so passionate about my intention to make boxing even more popular.

I have a cap that says 'Let's make boxing big again.' I'm going to slowly gain people's respect."

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Jake Paul has a lot of haters, but he doesn’t seem to mind that and has a specific goal to pursue.

However, Paul emphasizes that he is in boxing for some other reasons, not only for profitability and marketing. "I understand people who think that everything I do is a circus and that it has nothing to do with real boxing, but all I actually do is try to progress and fight tougher opponents.

I respect this sport more than anything and I consider anyone who he puts on 10 OZ gloves and enters the ring deserves respect because, after all, there is a risk to life. " "All I ever wanted was to contribute to this sport and help the fighters start getting paid appropriately." Paul concluded.

Jake Paul could be in the ring soon and he listed potential opponents: “Yeah, we’re still locking down opponents,” Paul admitted. “There’s a lot of names. Floyd Mayweather, Oscar de la Hoya, Anderson Silva, Tommy Fury, Sonny William out of Australia.

There’s a lot of people on the hit list”. “Some other names we’re talking to off the record, but we just want to see what makes the most sense”.

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