Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte break Wembley's record!

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Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte break Wembley's record!

A little over two weeks separate us from April 23 (the fourth month) and the fights between Tyson Fury (31-0-1) and Dillian Whyte (28-2-0). The fight of the British heavyweights (Whyte draws its roots from Jamaica) for the WBC heavyweight world champion belt is attracting a lot of interest.

Namely, the fight will take place at the cult Wembley Stadium in London. The stadium’s official capacity for boxing matches is 90,000 seats, but Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte will break the record when it comes to boxing matches at Wembley.

Anthony Joshua and Vladimir Klitschko, in 2017, also boxed at that famous stadium. 90,000 spectators witnessed the fight. For the match between Fury and Whyte, 85,000 tickets were initially released. In just three hours, all 85,000 tickets were snatched, and a week later another 5,000 tickets went on sale.

Those five thousand were sold very quickly, and the commission has now approved an additional capacity expansion for this match. An additional four thousand tickets will go on sale and Fury’s match against Whyte should be watched live by 94,000 spectators.

Time Fury and Whyte enter the history of the new Wembley, which opened in 2007. However, the record attendance of the new Wembley was not achieved by a sports event, but by the 2017 Adele concert. 98,000 people were present at Wembley at the time, and when it comes to football, the record is held by the 2008 Cardiff-Portsmouth match (89874 spectators).


As far as all boxing matches are concerned, Fury and Whyte will take sixth place when it comes to the highest attendance of a boxing match. The 1941 match between Tony Zale and Billy Pryor still holds record attendance.

135,132 spectators witnessed the fight, which took place in Juneau Park in Milwaukee. Of the matches from recent history, the 1993 fight between Julius Cesar Chavez and Greg Haugen is worth mentioning. The Estadio Azteca in Mexico City hosted this match, and 132274 spectators were present that day.

The capacity of today's stadiums is slightly smaller than it used to be, mainly due to improved safety conditions and stricter regulations. Fury and Whyte will not break the record of Zale and Pryor, but will print the history of Wembley.

That says enough about how interesting Fury and Whyte are and how good the fighters are. This will be a fight that promises a lot, and we can expect a spectacular match. They can both show a lot, although it is clear to most who is the favorite.

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