Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk are getting closer to an agreement

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Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk are getting closer to an agreement

One of the most anticipated boxing matches this year is certainly that rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk. In the ninth month of last year, the Ukrainian achieved a victory against Joshua and won the IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO titles of world heavyweight champion.

Although there was speculation that Joshua might step aside and let Tyson Fury settle for the unification of the belts with Usyk, this did not happen and AJ decided to activate the instant revenge clause. The fight between Joshua and Usyk was supposed to be arranged for the first part of the spring, but the situation became much more complicated due to the war that started in the second month on the territory of Ukraine.

Usyk originally returned to his homeland and decided to help defend his country. However, after some time, the boxer decided that he would provide more help through what he does best, which is boxing. Usyk will surely use the great platform to send various messages, and he will enter the match against Joshua more motivated than ever.

Recently, Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that they are working on arranging a rematch and that they should know more information soon.

Krassyuk on the match

There are rumors that the match could take place at the end of the sixth or beginning of the seventh month, and that everything is going in the right direction, Alexander Krassyuk confirmed.

By the way, Krassyuk is Usyk's promoter, and in an interview with Sky Sports he said: "In the next two weeks, we expect an agreement on all the details. We are currently negotiating the location. The end of the sixth month is a period that we are also considering.

A lot of things depend on how quickly we manage to complete the paperwork. The good thing is that Usyk is already in Europe to start preparations. " The impression is that Hearn and Krassyuk get along well in the negotiations and that everything is going smoothly.

We all really hope for that, because the match between Joshua and Usyk is something that no boxing fan will miss. It will be interesting to see how Joshua prepares this time, as he seems to be training more than ever, and he wants revenge.

Many have dilemmas about Joshua, but he will have an ideal opportunity to show critics that he is still a top fighter. As always, Usyk is motivated, although this time he will probably have a little harder work. Let's wait.

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