Anthony Smith on Jake Paul: He's going to get barbecued by McGregor

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Anthony Smith on Jake Paul: He's going to get barbecued by McGregor

As much as Jake Paul was hated in the world of martial arts, it must be admitted that by winning against Askren and especially by knockout against Tyron Woodley, he still gained the respect of certain fans. Even certain MMA fighters have accepted the fact that Paul can match them in the boxing ring.

Jake currently has no contract for his next appearance. He called out Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz, but also Conor Mcgregor, with whom he would prefer to fight without any dilemma. The Irishman has also shown some interest lately, but for now it is unrealistic to expect that match.

'' Conor is on a downward trajectory. His limbs are broken. If we only talk about the stand, I would knock him out in the first round, '' Jake Paul told TMZ. UFC's top light heavyweight Anthony Smith is a guest on various shows and podcasts asking for his expert opinion.

"Lionheart" really has something interesting to say, and now it's in the MMA Fighting podcast called The Fighter vs. The Writer that was given the opportunity to comment on Jake's news above. '' First of all, Conor is half his size right now.

People forget that. Jake is a great guy, and he fights low, cracked welterweight wrestlers. Jake Paul is my size. He is a huge guy and his weight goes over 200 'pounds' (90.7 kg). He's against Conor in a boxing match, that would probably be a pretty good fight to be honest.

But can Jake knock out Conor in an MMA match? Not. Considering Conor's kicks he’s going to get barbecued. People say Jake knows something about wrestling and so he might keep the fight competitive for a minute or so. But no, in an MMA fight, he would end up screwed up.


Smith on Jake Paul

Although Anthony Smith was initially a big opponent of YouTubers in boxing matches, he now admits that Jake Paul still bought him somewhat with his performances. '' I have to admit I changed my mind.

I still think he's an idiot, but it's okay to be an idiot. He’s not my type of person and I’m not sure if he and I can be friends. If he really helps people get paid, and it seems to me that he reaches into his pocket to help people at his events, then it’s hard for me to speak out against him.

I have no problem with him making money. Everyone has the right to compete and earn. He deserved his place at the table, '' Smith added, then looked back at Jake's boxing skills. '' He trains hard and takes everything seriously.

He's not as bad as people pretend to be. From the beginning, I said his skills were OK. Will he beat someone whose skills I highly value? Not at the moment. But he is quite a skilled amateur with a heavy hand. The guy knows how to fight. People hate him too much and therefore forget that fact. "

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