Jake Paul provokes Colby Covington via Twitter

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Jake Paul provokes Colby Covington via Twitter

The Oscar-winning incident in which Will Smith slapped Chris Rock has traveled the world. Rock was the host at the award ceremony and joked about Smith's wife. The famous actor laughed at first but soon concluded that such a joke did not sit well with him and slapped Chris Rock.

The divided reactions of the public were provoked by Smith's violent act, for which he later apologized. There are many who believe that this is a pre-arranged scene in order to attract the attention of viewers. Whether it’s a set-up or not, we’re not going to get into that.

The epilogue of the story is that everyone involved got publicity, and Chris Rock decided not to sue Will Smith. A similar incident last week affected the world of martial arts. Jorge Masvidal delivered several blows to the face of Colby Covington, his great rival and enemy.

Although they fought inside the cage at the beginning of the month and had 25 minutes to resolve all disagreements, Masvidal decided to continue the conflict on the street, in front of a restaurant in Miami. A broken tooth and a damaged Rolex by Colby Covington are the epilogues of that story.

Colby reported Masvidal to the police, and Jorge ended up in custody a few days later and will have to go to the court where he faces a prison sentence. Colby Covington already has a history of finding himself in conflicts like this.

In 2017, he was attacked by then-UFC fighter Fabricio Werdum. "Chaos" also called the police at the time, which made many fighters laugh at him. Although Colby's reaction is in some ways justified and the most correct of all possible, he is again ridiculed for calling the police.

Jake Paul Tweet

Jake Paul, a YouTuber, boxer and boxing promoter, decided to use Twitter to draw a parallel between the Oscar case and the one between Masvidal and Colby. '' Chris Rock didn’t press charges but Colby Covington did lol.

Just shows how much of a pussy Colby is. Make Fighters Not Soft Again., '' Jake Paul wrote on Twitter The reality is that many fighters will always condemn the act of calling the police in such situations. The reality is even greater that Colby acted civilized and did not give in to the street conflict.

However, Covington should stop talking about street conflicts in the future, because it is obvious that he is not the type of person he wants to present himself as. Calling the police is his style, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

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