Teofimo Lopez on defeat: DAZN is the culprit

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Teofimo Lopez on defeat: DAZN is the culprit

The biggest boxing surprise in 2021 was the defeat of Teofimo Lopez Jr. by George Kambosos, a defeat that left him without three lightweight world titles, but also a defeat he has not yet accepted or reconciled with. In the meantime, he has decided to do what he announced earlier and will continue his career in the super lightweight category.

As Kambosos arranged his first title defense, or as it is known that he will fight on June 5 against the owner of the belt he is missing, Devin Haney, it is time for Lopez's new comment on the situation in the category where he first made a big "boom" by overcoming Vasiliy Lomachenko, to then leave the same.

And the comment, of course, began with his unrepentant defeat. "This is all set up for Haney from the start. All this shit is actually DAZN's preconceived scheme. I fought on the DAZN platform and after the match they gave victory to Kambosos because they knew what I was going to do with the belts, they knew I was going to give them leave and leave the category.

It would be a longer process for Haney to become the absolute champion. It's all their game they paid for, "Lopez told Fight Hype. First of all, it is worth explaining that Haney was not Kambosos' first option, but Vasiliy Lomachenko, who decided to stay in Ukraine.

Kambosos has announced that he will definitely be his opponent after defeating Haney. But the fact is that it will be a hell of a hard job, despite the fact that he has secured two opportunities with his contract. Namely, in case of defeat, Kambosos has the opportunity to activate the rematch clause.

Teofimo on the fight

As for Teofimo, he has the right to say whatever he wants, after all, we are used to him and his father. He added that he does not see any advantage for Kambosos, despite the fact that the match will be held in his homeland Australia.

"It doesn't matter, everything is pre-planned, everything. I had the opportunity to see it for myself. The winner was known before it was announced," he added. Teofimo still has no official contract for the next performance, although some names have been speculated.

His goal, of course, is to oppose the absolute champion Josh Taylor, which he might have gotten the opportunity if the defeat had not come from Kambosos. The defeat he claims was part of the script. Most of those who watched the match would disagree.