Eddie Hearn reveals a potential rematch date for Joshua and Usyk

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Eddie Hearn reveals a potential rematch date for Joshua and Usyk

The good news for boxing fans came a few days ago. Oleksandr Usyk left his country Ukraine and the war that is currently taking place there and started training. All of this points to a rematch with Joshua, but the question now is when we could watch that match.

Joshua and Usyk were supposed to settle again sometime during the fourth month, at least that’s how it was originally planned. However, the war in Ukraine disrupted all plans, but the situation is becoming clearer. Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua's promoter, has revealed that he is in talks with Alex Krassyuk, Usyk's promoter.

Currently, both are working on agreeing on the date and location of the fight, and Hearn revealed more information for the BBC about the possible date of the rematch. '' I expect the fight to happen in June (the sixth month).

I am almost certain that this will be AJ's next performance, and he is extremely happy about it. He's ready. We are currently negotiating with Krassyuk to finalize negotiations on the site. I hope to confirm the match, location, and date for you next week.

As I said, it is almost certain that it will be Joshua's next match, '' Hearn explained. So, the beginning of summer probably brings a boxing spectacle. At the end of September last year, Usyk overcame Joshua with a unanimous decision and thus took over the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight belts.


Joshua has activated a clause that allows him an instant rematch and they seem to be very close to an agreement. Oleksandr Usyk has been condemned by a number of fans who do not like the move to leave the country under invasion, in order to do a boxing match.

Usyk commented on Instagram on the matter. "I wish everyone a good evening. I decided to start preparing for the rematch with Joshua. That way I will help my country, and that is better than territorial defense and running around Kyiv with a machine gun.

Dear friends, many of my friends and close people have supported me in this. I wish the haters all the best, happiness, pleasure, and peace. Everything will be under God's blessing. Everything will be with Ukraine. I wish you all the best, '' said the great Ukrainian heavyweight.

This rematch could be as good as the previous match, only this time we will surely watch the much more ready and dangerous Joshua