Vasiliy Lomachenko decided to stay in Ukraine: Kambosos vs Haney


Vasiliy Lomachenko decided to stay in Ukraine: Kambosos vs Haney
Vasiliy Lomachenko decided to stay in Ukraine: Kambosos vs Haney

A few weeks ago there was a meeting of promoter Bob Arum, who takes care of the careers of Vasily Lomachenko and Loa DiBella, promoter of WBA, WBO and IBF lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr. In this way, after a pleasant conversation, they agreed on the main conditions for the match between the two mentioned boxets.

According to him, Lomachenko was supposed to travel to Australia on June 5, where he would oppose the champion at home. However, that will not happen. Lou DiBella confirmed to the media that Vasiliy has decided to remain at the service of his homeland.

"I spoke to manager Egis Klimas who confirmed to me that Loma will not be available for the match against George. He thanked us for the opportunity. We hoped something would come of it, but we felt this would happen. We are not shocked.

We appreciate it." "What Loma is doing. He is currently fighting for something much bigger than a boxing match. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, as well as with the Ukrainian people. What they are going through is much bigger than boxing," DiBella said.

. Now, however, some things are much clearer. Instead of Lomachenko, WBC champion Devin Haney (27-0, 15 KOs), represented by Eddie Hearn, who was constantly hoping for the match, will jump into the match.


23-year-old Haney has been patiently waiting for an opportunity like this and is now ready to arrange a match as soon as possible.

He has already revealed how the date and location suit him and now it's all up to the promoters. If the match is agreed, their category will get the absolute champion. It is to be expected that Lomachenko will be immediately next for the match against the winner and that this way he will have the opportunity to get where his fans want to see him, in the position of the best boxer in the world.

As for Kambosos, he is slightly disappointed, but he is convinced that the match against the Ukrainian will come in time. "I respect your decision and I fully understand it, I pray for you and your country. Please stay well, after I clean the floor with Devin we will make a fight of two real champions," the 28-year-old Kambosos told Lomachenko directly.

Cambosos made a huge surprise when he defeated Teofim Lopez in the fall. Now he has a job in front of him to prove that it was not accidental and to make a star out of himself in the way he thinks he deserves to be.

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