Badr Hari looks ready more than ever to enter the match!

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Badr Hari looks ready more than ever to enter the match!

For the third time since they were founded and for the first time since March 2017, Glory Kickboxing is coming to Belgium. With a slightly weaker program than planned, as there was to be a fight for the light heavyweight title between Artem Vakhitov and Luis Tavares, but certainly with the excitement that the two main fights should offer.

Perhaps for the last time, we could watch the most popular kickboxer in the history of the sport, Badr Hari. The 37-year-old "Golden Boy" arrived in Hasselt after leaving Mike's Gym and preparing for the SB Gym in Utrecht.

He believes he found there what he needed to avenge the defeat from his last performance. The one from September last year, when Arkadiusz Wrzosek defeated him with a knockout high kick in the second round. The Polish 201-centimeter-tall giant will once again be an opponent of Harry in a fight where the Moroccan has no right to stumble.

A new defeat would probably mean the end of his career. His task will be to dominate as he did last time, but this time he must not allow a moment of inattention. We have seen that only so much is enough for a Pole to turn off the light.

A weigh-in was held today at which Harry appeared with a weight of 114 kilograms. Wrzosek is at 107, which is a kilogram less than in the last match. Unfortunately, we can’t compare Harry’s weight, since it wasn’t published last time.

Another difference is that this time there was no confrontation. Last time there was a slight clash, and the tensions are already very strong and they did not want to leave anything to chance. There will be enough fire in the ring.

The title fight of the event is also a big heavyweight match. Future vs. present, Levi Rigters vs. Jamal Ben Saddick. Anyone who follows the kickboxing scene knows how strong a match is and how many answers will be received in it.

The Moroccan weighed as much as 128.9 kg, while the young Rigters was as much as ten kilograms lighter than him. The program also includes one fight for the title in the women's bantamweight category. Tiffany Van Soest will defend the same in the match against Manazo Kobayashi from Japan.

Glory program

The Glory 80 program begins Saturday at 7 p.m. Glory 80 - Weighing results Jamal Ben Saddik (284.2 lbs / 128.9 kg) vs. Levi Rigters (260.6 lbs / 118.2 kg) Arkadiusz Wrzosek (236.3 lbs / 107.2 kg) vs. Badr Hari (251.3 lbs / 114 kg) Tiffany van Soest (120.8 lbs / 54.8 kg) vs.

Manazo Kobayashi (120.2 lbs / 54.5 kg) Guerric Billet (153.4 lbs / 69.6 kg) vs. Nordin Ben Moh (153.7 lbs / 69.7 kg) Ertugrul Bayrak (187.39 lbs / 85 kg) vs. Serkan Ozcaglayan (182.3 lbs / 82.7 kg) Jos van Belzen (169.3 lbs / 76.8 kg) vs. Jay Overmeer (169.75 lbs / 77 kg)