Logan Paul wants to fight in the UFC, Dana White is considering it

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Logan Paul wants to fight in the UFC, Dana White is considering it

Yesterday you had a chance to read about Dana White’s opinion when it comes to the fight between Jake Paul and Conor McGregor. While Dana White is currently against the possibility of Jake Paul performing under the auspices of the UFC, the situation with his brother Logan Paul is somewhat different.

The UFC president and Logan Paul cultivate good relations, and the older of the Paul brothers is interested in a UFC match. Logan told White they ignored Conor McGregor and asked him if there was a possibility he could fight any UFC fighter.

White did not reject the idea and was actually quite open about it. "You know how to box and wrestle. Have you ever done jiu-jitsu? I will not say no, I will never say that it is impossible, '' White said during a guest appearance on the Impaulsive with Logan Paul podcast, to which Logan replied that he has experience with jiu-jitsu.

White stated in the same podcast that he never wants to write off some things in advance because you never know how things can develop. He recalled experimenting with Brock Lesnar and CM Punk as well. While Brock Lesnar proved to be a goal and reached the championship belt, CM Punk with two terrible performances proved to be a total failure.

The UFC wasn't at a loss with CM Punk either. He attracted a lot of attention, but it turned out he had no potential to pursue a great MMA career.

Future fights

Whether Logan Paul or his brother Jake have potential, the impression is that there is no doubt that we will find out in the future.

Whether it will be under the auspices of the UFC, Bellator or some other promotion, time will tell. Inevitably, these YouTubers are attracting a lot of interest in the world of martial arts and many of their wishes will be fulfilled.

It is this attention that speaks volumes about them, ie that they have the charisma, skill and what it takes to fight in the strongest organizations. Dana White is of course angry at Jake Paul, but his brother has a slightly better chance.

The Paul brothers have shown that they are good fighters, especially Jake. Fighting Conor seems impossible, but we should never write off Paul and his self-confidence. It is certain that such a fight would arouse great interest Let's wait a while though. In many organizations there are bigger plans and something we don't know.