Dana White on Jake Paul vs McGregor: Hard to happen, but still possible

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Dana White on Jake Paul vs McGregor: Hard to happen, but still possible

The impression is that Jake Paul will not stop looking for a UFC match, and especially a fight against Conor McGregor, until they meet his wishes. Given the tensions he has created on the relationship between himself and Dana White, the chances of this happening under the auspices of the UFC are quite slim.

Somehow it sounds more logical that Conor will try his hand at a boxing match against Paul in a couple of years, at the end of his career. The Irishman's contract with the UFC by then might be over and there would be no obstacle to reaching an agreement with YouTube.

UFC President Dana White as stated doesn’t have a good relationship with Jake Paul, but he has nothing against Logan Paul who is Jake’s brother. Dana agreed to guest on Logan's podcast called Impulsive with Logan Paul and was asked about the possibility of a fight between Conor and Jake.

'' He shouldn't be fighting Conor McGregor. Jake is huge. How tall is your brother, 185 centimeters and he weighs about 95 kilograms. Conor McGregor is fighting in the under-70kg category. Weight categories exist for a reason.

Do you think Jake can drop to 77 pounds? '' White asked Logan, to which Logan replied that he doubted it. ''Yes, exactly. Conor fought Nate in that category, and that's not even close to the weight category he belongs to, '' White explained.

McGregor and Paul

Conor McGregor is 175 centimeters tall and Paul would surely have an advantage when it comes to physics. Still, Conor should make up for that difference with its quality and experience. During his guest appearance in the mentioned podcast, Dana mentioned that over the years he has learned that he never writes off the possibility of certain events, so even now he does not want to say with certainty that this match will never be arranged.

As for Jake Paul, White pointed out that he doesn’t hate that guy because he can’t hate someone who’s trying to make money. In case he hated him, he said he wouldn't even pay attention to him. White’s comments, which sound somewhat reassuring, did not stop Jake from posting on Twitter and making a series of accusations again.

'' Dana White is praying for Conor and Diaz's third match. They both fought in the category up to 170 'pounds' (welterweight category). I will fight Conor in the category up to 175 'pounds' (79.37 kg), no problem. Stop looking for excuses. '', Paul's response was via Twitter.