(VIDEO) Jake Paul doesn't stop provoking Conor McGregor

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(VIDEO) Jake Paul doesn't stop provoking Conor McGregor

For a long time, Conor McGregor was totally uninterested in Jake Paul and other YouTubers trying to build boxing careers. "Notorious" didn't even look back at their call-outs and he mocked Floyd Mayweather for the match with Logan Paul.

It was only a matter of time before the Irish star began to show his interest. Jake Paul has knocked out two renowned UFC fighters (Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren), and his popularity is skyrocketing. McGregor smelled that there was a good opportunity for big money, and the match against YouTube certainly carries much less danger to health than fighting top UFC fighters.

''Who knows? Never say never. '' Was Conor's answer in an interview with the Mirror, when asked if there would ever be a match between him and Paul. While Conor’s interest in such a fight is still in its infancy, it’s no secret that Jake Paul desperately wants to share the ring with McGregor.

After all, rarely does a fighter want to. McGregor released a short video last week in which he hits focusers during training. Jake Paul tried to get attention and provoke McGregor. "This is embarassing. Your chin wide open with no head moevement for the prblm child right hand of god" ESPN shared Jake's "tweet" via its Twitter profile, and McGregor posted a new video shortly afterward.

McGregor presented his head movements (evasive), and what exactly it looked like is hard to describe. It is best to watch the video below this section.

Jake Paul tweet

Jake Paul was probably fascinated by Conor McGregor and he was certainly incredibly happy because McGregor finally experienced him on social media.

So YouTuber sent a new message to McGregor.

"While I’m training MMA, the @TheNotoriousMMA is drinking Jack daniels in Dubai putting up sloppy boxing videos.

Jackass." When it comes to the transition to MMA, Paul is getting louder on the issue and is using various methods to persuade Dana White to give him a chance in the UFC. He made a new proposal yesterday. "Dana - Since you like me now, how about a 1 fight UFC deal to fight Conor.

If I win, you agree to my UFC fighter pay and healthcare proposal. If I lose I donate my entire purse to all UFC fighters who make less than $ 50K a fight and never mention UFC again Deal? " By the way, at the beginning of the year, Paul slammed the UFC and specifically Dana White.

YouTuber has called on UFC fighters to boycott, believing they are underpaid and promoting poor care for them. Jake then presented a list of his suggestions, which he referred to in the above-mentioned "tweet" sent to Dana White.