Joe Joyce is ready in the absence of Usyk to jump against Anthony Joshua

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Joe Joyce is ready in the absence of Usyk to jump against Anthony Joshua

Current developments at the top of the professional heavyweight boxing boil down to the fact that we will be watching the WBC title match between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte on April 23rd. As for the remaining three titles, the situation is a bit more complicated, as they are with Oleksandr Usyk, who is currently putting his career on hold due to the war in Ukraine.

This puts the former three-time champion, Anthony Joshua, in an unenviable situation, who is without a match and in fact without an official decision on the team with which he will prepare for the next performances. He recently made a statement about the Fury-Whyte match, saying he would cheer for his former opponent Whyte in it, but did not reveal whether he would be present at the match.

If he shows such affinities, it can be very easily reported. The main organizer of the event and Fury's promoter, Frank Warren, confirmed that he would be received with open arms and that A.J. you just need to report. "Of course Joshua can come, he was already a guest at my shows and before he became a professional.

He came to my shows. He knows what to do, just take the phone, dial my number and we'll set him up," Warren said. in an iFL interview. Then he turned to Joshua's current situation, or possible other options, if the match against Usyk cannot take place, and he does not want to just wait and be without a performance.

"I think the audience would definitely be interested in Joshua's match against Joe Joyce." "We'd do it without thinking. What a great home duel it would be. Let's get our heads together and organize it," Warren gave the idea to his biggest rival, Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn.

Usyk vs Joshua

Joyce is a silver medalist from Beijing, currently undefeated in his professional career. On the other hand, Hearn is still convinced that everything will be arranged so that the match between Usyk and Joshua can be organized in May or June.

However, these are still just speculations, and the match seems to be getting further and further. We remind you that after the first match, held in September last year, the original rematch was originally mentioned in February 2022.

That month has already passed, and no serious negotiations on the date have started so far. If Usyk is not really ready to compete as long as the war in Ukraine lasts, and currently no one can guess how long it will be and in which direction everything will go, the match against Joyce, whom the WBO should declare its mandatory challenger, actually seems very realistic.