Tyson Fury explains why he retires from boxing

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Tyson Fury explains why he retires from boxing

The boxing world was left quite shocked by Tyson Fury’s statement last week. WBC heavyweight champion in the fourth month (April 23) will fight Dillian Whyte, and in the run-up to the match, Fury said it will be his farewell to boxing.

"I'm 34, this is my last fight and I'm retiring with 150 million in the bank. I look good, I'm healthy and I'm young," Gypsy King told Boxing UK. While many aren’t sure if it’s some sort of form of attracting attention to give the match against Whyte extra weight or if Fury is really serious, it’s an essential thing for world boxing.

Tyson Fury is currently one of the most popular boxers in the world, and many are hoping to watch him later this year against the winner of the match between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua. Still, Fury insists the match against Whyte will be his last.

Tyson turns 34 in the eighth month, and the fight against Whyte will be his 33rd in his professional career. In an interview with BT Sport, Tyson Fury explained in more detail why he plans to retire. "The only thing I can still get is money.

After the next fight, my earnings will be over $ 100 million. If it’s money I can spend, then I don’t deserve more money, right?"

Tyson Fury's explanation

"I know Mike Tyson spent half a billion, and Evander Holyfield made about $ 400 million.

But I don’t live their dazzling lifestyle. I live in Morecambe, Lancashire. Everything is cheap there." "I don’t have any excessive habits to gamble a bunch of money with. I don't do anything and I could never spend the money I have, '' Fury began, then explained further.

'' Why would I be one of those who stayed in the sport for too long and ended up injured? One extra fight and you blow everything up, but for what?" "For a little more money? I have things I want to do, a lot of opportunities that don’t involve brain damage.

I have six children and a wife." "I want to retire at the top, as an undefeated heavyweight world champion. I would like to make a documentary for Netflix, a Hollywood movie. Also, I want to be a good husband, father and son.

More than anything, I want to be happy, and that's probably the hardest thing, '' Gypsy King explained. The question arises as to what will happen in case he loses to Dillian Whyte. Fury states that he wants to retire at the top, as a world champion, but with the defeat of Whyte, he loses his title.

However, let’s wait until April 23, and after that we’ll know more about the whole situation. In any case, "Gypsy King" has an extremely healthy mindset, but we all want to watch it inside the ring for a while.