Famous boxer, Guillermo Rigondeaux, badly injured after accident at home!

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Famous boxer, Guillermo Rigondeaux, badly injured after accident at home!

The two-time gold boxing Olympian and former professional champion in two different categories, Guillermo Rigondeaux, is facing potentially serious health consequences that could affect the continuation of his career. That is, it is certainly questionable.

The 41-year-old Cuban had an accident on Friday while at home in Miami. He was cooking an espresso pot that at one point just exploded, and “Rigo” suffered severe injuries to his face and both eyes. "He's only done it a million times," Boronte said of one of Rigondeaux's favorite meals, as quoted by ESPN "They make bombs out of [pressure cookers].

If one of those beans clogs up where the steam is going to go out, it's like a bomb. It could have killed him." Immediately after being admitted to the hospital, he was found to have only 20 percent of his eyesight at the time.

It was instantly clear that his career was questionable. His manager revealed that they are still hoping for a complete recovery and that everything is already much better than it seemed at first, especially to those who saw him.

Rigondeaux underwent several tests at the hospital to determine the severity of the injury and currently, only the retina of both eyes appears to have been damaged.

Boronte on his injury

As his own thing, he should come to his own retinal regeneration after which his vision would be fully restored, but these are still just prognoses.

"The next week to 10 days is really going to define his fighting career and his future because that's when the cornea needs to regenerate itself and he can see or not," Boronte said. "But gathering from the last 24 hours, he's doing really good."

If other tests reveal something else, surgery will be needed and therefore no one is yet able to confirm anything with certainty. Rigondeaux had his last match on February 26, when he was defeated by Filipino Vincent Astrolabi in Dubai.

It was his second defeat in a row, where he also suffered his first from the Filipino, John Riel Casimer. Prior to that, he was defeated only once in his entire career, in a big match against Vasily Lomachenko, held in December 2017.

According to unofficial data, he has recorded an incredible 372 victories and only 12 defeats in his amateur career, and in addition to two Olympic gold medals, he also owns two world titles. We hope that he will recover as soon as possible and return stronger after this accident