Kamaru Usman convinces Canelo Alvarez they need to fight

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Kamaru Usman convinces Canelo Alvarez they need to fight

2021 was a great year for Kamaru Usman. He has defended his UFC welterweight title three times as one of the few champions to have the opportunity to fight three times a year and this has put him at the top of the UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

After becoming a superstar and a fighter recognized as one of the best ever, Usman intends in 2022 to make even more significant history. He revealed something about that, that is, about his plans, in an interview for TMZ Sports.

"2022 is the year in which I will shock the world. First July and International Fight Week will follow, then I will fight Leon Edwards." "With God's help I will go through Leon Edwards, and then September, Mexican Independence Day will follow, then I will stop Canelo Alvarez, "Usman said, full of confidence, convinced that the match could be arranged.

He added why he believes he is capable of beating the world’s best boxer on his field. "I absolutely see myself as the winner of that fight and it's something that a lot of people don't understand. A lot of people can't do something, so for that reason they try to convince you.

It's impossible to do everything until you succeed." "A lot of people will say that. "I can't do that, but they say that about Tyron Woodley. They said he was too big, he had knockout power, he was fast and explosive."

"What happened? I told him I was going to dominate him for five rounds and I did. I wouldn't go into something I don't believe in, "reads the attitude of a fighter who, until a few days ago, relied mostly on his wrestling.

But it is obvious that two knockouts can change his attitude and self-confidence. He even sees himself as a boxer savior in some ways. "Boxing is dead, but I don't mean that there are no good boxers, there are fantastic boxers in the world right now.

Errol Spence Jr. comes to mind first, but there are many who can say that. " "But boxing is dying and we can't escape from that. The most important thing is that everyone wants fun, and have you ever seen one pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world fight another? ", he gave reasons why he thinks his fight against Canelo would be a real hit and what everyone they want to see.

Canelo Alvarez have a fight against Golovkin

The problem is that Canelo already has an agreed clash against Gennady Golovkin for September, which will happen if they both record victories in their earlier performances. Usman believes he can ruin those plans, especially since he claims a match against Canelo could bring them both hundreds of millions of dollars.

"He constantly mentions money and fees. And this is absolutely the highest fee he would ever get." "I understand he still makes good money, but fighting me would unquestionably bring in the most he has ever earned.

We're talking nine digits, I have no doubt about that." , he concluded full of confidence. Does anything Usman says make sense? Would anyone really be more interested in that match than Canelo's against Golovkin? On what basis does he build his claims when we know that even in his sport he failed to get a million PPV sales (except in the case of the fight against Masvidal)? We don’t know, but no one is stopping him from saying whatever he wants.