Canelo Alvarez motivated for the match against Gennady Golovkin

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Canelo Alvarez motivated for the match against Gennady Golovkin

Maybe a little too late, if you ask most boxing fans, but the third match between Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin has been arranged. Yet each before that have another task to do. In April, Golovkin will have to successfully complete his visit to Saitama, Japan, and with the victory over Ryot Murat, he will win the WBA belt of the world champion in the middle category and defend his IBF belt.

Canelo's commitment may not even be as strict as GGG's, as he will be fighting for the light heavyweight belt against Dmitri Bivol, but his triumph would certainly retain the value of the whole story. If the match takes place, it will take place exactly four years after their second match, in which Canelo celebrated by a narrow majority decision.

The match earlier, a year earlier, in September 2017, ended in a draw that shocked the boxing public, especially the scoring of judge Adelaide Byrd, who awarded ten rounds to the Mexican. Some public opinion was that Golovkin was supposed to celebrate in the first match, while in the second it was uncertain and he could go both ways.

But instead of, so to speak, a 1.5: 0.5 result in favor of Golovkin, we have such a ratio in favor of Canel. If this match takes place, Golovkin will enter it at the age of 40 years and five months, which reveals how it is very easily possible outside of his "prime", the one where the Mexican is probably today.

But Golovkin wants the match, and Canelo accepted another clash after a few years of indifference. He said something about him in a private conversation with several members of the media, which was transmitted by Fight Hype.

"We got a contract within which they wanted to fight Golovkin. I said why not. Everyone wants that match, right? Maybe it's a little late, maybe not." "But still everyone wants that match, so why not," Canelo said.

, asked if he has any personal tensions regarding Kazakhstan: "Yeah, this is for me personally. He's said a lot of s*it, too many stories, but we'll see. Let's do what comes first. I have to win on May 7."

Canelo on Golovkin and political issues

Canelo is currently the world's biggest boxing star and has found himself in a situation where he is not tied to any promoter, but signs contracts for each match separately. This time he got the DAZN on the table, which contained two matches and he also accepted it, with the unquestionably impressive amount he provides him.

Canelo revealed that he hoped for Golovkin's victory against Murat, while he declined to comment on any political issues. He only confirmed that in the match against Buffalo, despite some sides saying the opposite, he will attack the WBA light heavyweight champion's belt.

Canelo already had one light heavyweight title in his possession, but that of the WBO organization which he took away from Sergey Kovalev in late 2019.