Hearn believes Joshua will demolish his opponents

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Hearn believes Joshua will demolish his opponents

Eddie Hearn who is currently Joshua’s promoter believes Joshua can become the ruler of his category. He is aware that Joshua knows how good Fury is. You can still feel how much Hearn respects Joshua and how much he believes that he is a class above all others.

"He knows that Fury is an outstanding fighter and it's going to be very difficult. But you can ask him for yourself, I believe he has bad intentions in those fights and I believe he expects to." , Hearn said, as quoted by skysports "I believe he will knock out Kubrat Pulev and Tyson Fury."

I think he's ready to start doing a demolition job on these guys," Hearn said.

Joshua is ready for a fight

Hearn praised his skill and will to succeed and believes Joshua is a very strong and stable personality who can destroy any opponent "I think he's shown, coming back from the Ruiz Jr fight, that he has the ability to box and move.

That's in the arsenal now." "But he still loves knocking people out - and when you see the drills, when you see the pads and you see that spite in his shots. "That's something not just what they are working on, that's something that's coming from inside of him."

"It's a confidence that's come with knowing that his preparation now is perfect. Everything is ready and he just wants to get in there and fight." Hearn is convinced that Joshua can get both Pulev and Fury.

He says that he trains hard and that he is currently doing his best to be as ready as possible for the matches against them. Hearn did not choose his words and believes that Joshua will demolish both opponents and that he is currently too strong for any opponent on the side.

"I'm never seen him so excited to fight Pulev and Fury. That is what he's got and he has bad intentions to do a demolition job on these people and I'm one million per cent convinced he does it. "We know that he brought a couple of new members onto the team before the second Ruiz fight and some of the drills that we're seeing on social media are accentuated, but they are also designed to give him more movement and make him punch harder - and he's punching very, very hard and very aggressively."

All we have to do is wait for the match against both boxers and see if Joshua is really in phenomenal form or Hearn wants to scare the opponents.