Tyson Fury shocked many: Match against Whyte will be the last in my career (VIDEO)

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Tyson Fury shocked many: Match against Whyte will be the last in my career (VIDEO)

It’s no problem to admit that the first press conference related to the match between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte was absolutely uninteresting. First of all because Whyte wasn’t on it, and then because Fury wasn’t in the mood for a show he likes to provide at similar events.

Of course, there were statements in his style, but it was obvious that he lacked someone who would motivate him to release the best he has for such occasions. But luckily, after the press conference, Fury had another meeting with the press backstage, and there in ten minutes he provided what they came for.

In fact, he even shocked the audience with many statements, in the foreground that the match against Whyte will be the last in his career. "I'm retiring, nobody cares, I'll retire after this match. This is the last countdown," Fury said when asked about plans after Whyte, which we can see very well in the video below the paragraph.

A very chatty and moody Fury may be serious, but more likely it’s a joke. However, he mentioned several times before that he would not fight for a long time and that he planned to retire young and healthy. He confirmed something like that later in this conversation.

Fury statements

"I'm 34 years old, this is my last fight and I'm retiring with 150 million in the bank. I look good, I'm healthy and I'm young. I'm going to buy a huge yacht." "I already have a bunch of great cars and properties around the world," he said that he does not believe that the match between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk will take place in May or June, adding that he does not intend to be present whenever it takes place: "I'm going to sit on the beach with a sesy blonde, drink a pina colada and think about how I've succeeded in life."

This was a classic Tyson Fury, the kind we hope to see more and more as the match approaches. In the match, we believe that we will see the more serious version that appeared in the fight against Dillian Whyte. And that is then a man whose boxing is real poetry and a pleasure to watch.

It is precisely these statements by Tyson Fury that make him different from his opponents, and it is clear that in this way he attracts attention, but of course his boxing qualities will never be called into question.