Oscar De La Hoya does not want to return to boxing

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Oscar De La Hoya does not want to return to boxing

It is finally known what will happen to the returnee boxing match of Oscar De La Hoya, a man who is celebrating 30 years this year since the creation of his nickname "Golden Boy", ie since winning the Olympic gold in Barcelona.

He was supposed to return in September last year, with a match against Vitor Belfort in Los Angeles, but the same was canceled after Oscar fell ill with COVID. De La Hoya announced that he would return to training and perform this year, but that has changed.

In fact, he confirmed that we will not watch him in the ring because there is simply no more time, motivation and opportunity for that. "I can't imagine myself in the ring anymore, I decided to finally hang my gloves on a peg and say how it was.

It's unlikely I'll ever fight again. I don't feel what it takes." "I've been through a lot in training, I've been I'm right where I need to be. I left my whole self in it and I was one hundred percent inside.

It sucked me out. I couldn't handle it. Then I got COVID which is why I still have trouble breathing while running, "Golden Boy " said in an interview for Boxing Scene.

Oscar De La Hoya on his career

He will turn to what he has been doing very successfully since the end of his career, when he started the promotional house "Golden Boy Boxing", which has existed for almost 20 years as one of the biggest in the business.

"I feel completely. I have six projects that I'm doing outside of boxing and they're all huge. I've changed my focus, I have energy. I have a woman by my side who makes me feel like King Kong." "It's motivating and I can't wait to see what happens with Golden Boy and my personal brand.

Things are moving in the right direction and I'm excited about it, "he added, only to recall what he had said before the match against Belfort: "I wanted to draw some conclusion, I wanted to win and have the pleasure of leaving with my hands held high.

But my legacy has already been written off and I'm happy with that." De La Hoya recorded 39 wins and six losses in his professional career, and he fought against all the best and greatest boxers of his generation.

In addition to being one of the best, he was certainly one of the most popular boxers. As for his match against Floyd Mayweather Jr., many still believe that Oscar should have won that match. Had that happened, Mayweather’s entire career would have gone in a different direction, primarily because he wouldn’t have that “zero” he’s still so proud of.