Tyson Fury is confident he will fight Francis Ngannou

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Tyson Fury is confident he will fight Francis Ngannou

A potential match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou is certainly the most interesting match that could take place in the MMA-boxing route. The two heavyweight kings would attract huge interest from both MMA fans and boxing fans.

"Gypsy King" and "Predator" at the beginning of the year tickled the imagination of many fans. The two heavyweights had a discussion via Twitter posts, and both then expressed interest in a showdown. Still, Francis Ngannou is still under contract with the UFC, and given his complete situation and broken relationship with the promotion, it’s hard to expect the UFC to allow him a boxing trip.

However, Francis' contract expires at the end of this calendar year, and if there is no extension of the cooperation, a boxing match certainly seems like a realistic option. Even if Francis signs a new contract with the world’s strongest MMA promotion, there are certain opportunities for a boxing trip.

Namely, "Predator" has repeatedly pointed out that the item that allows him to move to box will be one of the mandatory items in the new contract. Francis Ngannou is primarily awaiting knee surgery and several months of recovery.

We will probably not see the Cameroonian inside the arena again this year, but according to Tyson Fury, Francis' return match after the injury could be theirs.

Tyson Fury on Francis Ngannou match

Namely, "Gypsy King" in an interview for IFL TV touched on this topic.

Fury’s tone gives the impression that the match will definitely happen, and he revealed a few more details. Tyson Fury is confident in the match against Francis Ngannou and believes that it will be a real spectacle that will break all records so far.

And it's not just Fury who thinks so, but most martial arts fans who can't wait to watch a fight like this "I will fight Francis Ngannou in Las Vegas next year, in March (third month) or February (second month).

It will not happen this year, but next year we could watch some crazy fights. It will be a big match. I believe that they will break all PPV records in America. Two heavyweights and champions, against each other. " By the way, in the fourth month, on April 23, Fury will face his compatriot Dillian Whyte.

If the "Gypsy King" passes that hurdle, he could fight for the unification of the heavyweight belts in the second half of the year, and his opponent should be the winner of the match between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua.