Kell Brook finished Amir Khan by knockout in the sixth round

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Kell Brook finished Amir Khan by knockout in the sixth round

The match between Kel Brook and Amir Khan did not offer the excitement that the British had hoped for, all those who quickly snatched up the tickets and found themselves in front of the screens on Saturday night. In the end, a match was held between a boxer for whom victory means everything and a boxer who was obviously spent, but came to take his last big check.

Brook and Khan have been rivals since the cadet days, but Khan was the one who took that path. Already before his 18th birthday, he had Olympic silver, automatic and star status, and soon after that came the large sums he earned with his professional matches.

Shortly afterwards, world titles arrived. While Khan was already a millionaire in his early twenties, Brook was slowly building his way through the professional ring. In a match that actually came five or ten years too late, a match where we couldn't ask who was better than who had more left, Brook showed that this means a lot more to him and that he prepared as well as possible under all circumstances.

Khan, who hadn’t boxed in two and a half years, really only came to take a check, at least that’s what he looked like in the ring. Already in the first round, Brook badly hit and shook Khan, after which he continued to dominate.

Simply faster and more accurate, Brook did not allow Khan to switch to the fashion of his boxing style, which contains a lot of movement and dodging.

Brook's pace

He set the pace and continued to grind it until the stoppage that came in the sixth round.

Khan didn’t end up on the floor, he didn’t give up, his heart was much more ready he his hands, but there was simply a part of the match where he didn’t even come back anymore but just took punches and the referee decided that was the end of it.

Almost 20 years after their paths went in other directions, Brook showed that there is still fire in him and that he is the one who has wanted and dreamed of this match more and more over the years, and thus the victory in it.

Khan is simply enjoying life and he didn’t need this match from the sports side, but why not save an extra five million pounds if he already has a chance? The audience could enjoy the whole show, and especially happy could be those who cheered for Brook, the man who represented the worker in this match, the one who came up with everything he has come his way.

And that is why he himself celebrated this victory perhaps more fiercely than the one when he reached the world title. It meant so much to him.