Tyson Fury reacted angrily to accusations that he was avoiding Oleksandr Usyk

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Tyson Fury reacted angrily to accusations that he was avoiding Oleksandr Usyk

A lot of stories and speculation were at the top of the heavyweight boxing category. While Dillian Whyte was waiting for his chance to arrange a match with Tyson Fury, it was mentioned that "Gypsy King" could still box against Oleksandr Usyk.

It would be a match to unite the heavyweight belts. Anthony Joshua is also involved in this story. The British boxer is entitled to an instant rematch with Usyk, after being defeated at the end of the ninth month. However, there was a story that Joshua was ready to retire from the rematch, and he would be paid $ 15 million for the move.

AJ would wait for the winner of the match between Usyk and Fury, and in that way, he would less jeopardize the possibility of fighting Fury. However, in the end, Fury will box against Dillian Whyte (April 23 at Wembley), while waiting for a match between Joshua and Usyk.

Although Fury’s camp claims Joshua was asking for more and more money to retire from the rematch, a completely different story came from Eddie Hearn, one of Joshua’s promoters.

Tyson Fury on Usyk

He claimed that it was too difficult to reach an agreement with Fury and that "Gypsy King" did not really want to box with Usyk.

Such allegations did not sit well with Tyson Fury, who touched on Hearn's accusations in an address to IFL TV. '' I would fight Usyk all seven days a week, 62 times a Sunday in his backyard. I would fight Usyk and Joshua that night.

I don't appreciate them, they're both losers compared to me. " So Fury is quite angry at the allegations that give the impression that he is avoiding one of the heavyweights from the very top. This makes him especially angry after fighting Deontay Wild three times.

'' As far as avoiding someone, I've just fought Wilder three times. Do you think I’m worried about someone from the middle class or some bodybuilder?" " I would destroy them. Just so you all know, the only reason my match with Usyk failed is that AJ was asking for more money at the last minute and he thought I would give him an extra five million."

"Usyk will get his fight against me, no problem, then when he beats Joshua again. Then Joshua will have no chance to fight for the unification of the belts. End of story. ", Added" Gypsy King " Some other things might be clear soon. There is a lot of fuss right now