Floyd Mayweather responds to Logan Paul's allegations

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Floyd Mayweather responds to Logan Paul's allegations

One of the most pointless boxing matches of the past year was done by Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. A youTuber with one professional appearance behind him (0-1) entered the ring with a boxer who has 50 wins in as many appearances.

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather found themselves in the ring early in the sixth month of last year. YouTuber benefited from a 15-centimeter advantage in height and a 15-kilogram surplus over Floyd. Eight rounds of an extremely bad match were provided by Mayweather and Paul, and there was no winner.

Some will say it is not a pointless fight, as both sides have probably made huge money. However, information emerged last week that Logan Paul is suing Floyd Mayweather for failing to pay him money for the match, despite more than half a year.

Logan's brother Jake Paul, in an interview with the Mirror, revealed how Logan started the trial. '' He really didn't pay off Logan. A week or two ago, a lawsuit was filed. I press him (Floyd) legally, but also behind the scenes.

However, it’s a shame that Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather doesn’t have enough money to pay off my brother, ’’ Jake said.

Floyd Mayweather explains his position

Logan himself often calls out Mayweather through various media and social networks, but Floyd has not advertised so far.

However, after the allegations about the lawsuit, "Money" finally went public with his version of the story. Interestingly, Mayweather doesn’t actually deny that he still hasn’t paid the full amount to his opponent, but he explained why.

'' Money from PPV, it takes some time to calculate and pay off. Nothing comes right away. I still collect earnings from matches that took place seven or eight years ago." "Be happy with the biggest earnings you've ever made.

'' Floyd told Logan as a guest on The Pivot Podcast. So, Mayweather points out that Logan will not be left out, but that it is simply a process that requires more time. Who is right in the whole story, time will tell.

Knowing both of them and their affinities for "circus matches", no one would be surprised if, based on an alleged quarrel over money, they arranged another match. The most important thing for them is that they aroused interest and made money.

It is possible that Floyd profited more here, but Logan Paul will not give up his intention, he will still ask for money, and when Floyd will pay it off, no one knows.