Deontay Wilder wants to make a decision with a shamanic psychedelic potion

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Deontay Wilder wants to make a decision with a shamanic psychedelic potion

There is no doubt that something like a heavyweight champion boxing trilogy can leave a significant mark on its participants. Especially the one of a psychic nature, and in the case of the matches between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, something much more pronounced happened to the American.

Already after the second match, his behavior bordered on delusional, and the statements are difficult to remember. There were no such public appearances after the third match, but what was immediately clear is that Wilder is not sure what to do next.

The 36-year-old has not yet made a decision about his career, and the uncertainty he is going through is such that he is even ready to turn to extreme methods in making a decision. "I'm thinking about Ayahuasca.

It should be my decision-making process. Boxing has left me with a bitter taste for everything they've done to me." "It's dangerous, there's politics, cheating ... But I still really love this sport despite all that "Wilder said during a guest appearance on Byron Scott 's podcast.

Ayahuasca can be described as an ancient South American beverage similar to tea, but in fact this name is mostly used by the whole process that occurs during the consumption of the same.


It dates back to ancient times, when tribes used it during their ceremonies.

Some nations have retained the tradition of consuming the same to this day. As for the effect itself, it varies from person to person, but various people have testified that under the influence of Ayahuasca they mentally went into some spheres they had not encountered before and found answers to some questions that had bother them for a long time.

Wilder seems to be in a phase of serious search as soon as he thinks of something like that. The boxing world still wants to watch him after the last fight against Fury, everyone said openly. It is also clear that there are interesting matches for him.

But, above all, he will have to make the decision that he wants to and start the whole process of preparation with motivation. We will see if he ultimately opts for this method by which can reveal what he will do at the moment.

For most, this decision by Wilder is strange and makes no sense, but it should be mentioned that nowadays many people decide to take these steps, and there are many positive experiences. However, everything remains on his statement, and we will see if the next steps are taken