Jake Paul told everyone who doesn’t like him: ‘Get used to me'

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Jake Paul told everyone who doesn’t like him: ‘Get used to me'

Although Jake Paul became a better name on the boxing scene only last year, many are already tired of this YouTuber. The 25-year-old from Cleveland has managed to knock out renowned MMA fighters like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren and is constantly calling out UFC stars.

However, we often hear statements from him stating that he could beat Khabib Nurmagomedov in an MMA match and that he can match Canelo Alvarez in boxing. Still, the numbers of PPVs sold in the second match against Tyron Woodley (75,000) give the impression that interest in his matches is rapidly declining.

He is also not benefited by the fact that he provided a rather uninteresting, ie boring match. True, a great knockout saved him in some way, because this is a moment that went viral on social media. In addition to performing, Paul is increasingly involved in promotional work.

So Jake and his promotion called Most Valuable Promotions were involved in organizing the match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. It is the biggest match in the history of women's boxing, and Paul represents Amanda Serrano.

The impression is that Paul has big business plans in this sport, and he confirmed this in an interview for 5 Live Boxing. '' I definitely see the Most Valuable Promotions roster growing further. We were just warming up.

I'll be here (in boxing) for a while. "People better get used to me," Jake said.

Jake Paul and boxing scene

The impression is that the martial arts public is really somewhat accustomed to him,, because he is ubiquitous when it comes to boxing and MMA events.

However, as far as his matches are concerned, Paul has announced that he will not be performing in the first half of this year, as he will be dedicated to promoting Amanda Serrano and her match against Taylor '' There's no way I'm going to perform on that card.

I’m totally focused on the role of Paul’s promoter. I wore a T-shirt with a roll collar. That's how you recognize promoters, '' he added. How long we will watch him in the world of boxing, the question arises.

He is currently undefeated (5-0) and full of confidence. However, the question is what will happen when he meets an adequate opponent. This young American obviously has a sense for marketing, and he knows how to attract attention, and for now that is the most important thing for him. As long as he has attention in the world, his popularity will grow and be sought after