Tyson Fury's promoter claims: ‘Joshua won’t fight Usyk, he doesn’t want that rematch’

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Tyson Fury's promoter claims: ‘Joshua won’t fight Usyk, he doesn’t want that rematch’

The great attention of the boxing world was attracted by the news that Anthony Joshua could withdraw from the rematch against Oleksandr Usyk. Figures of around 15 million pounds were mentioned, which AJ would earn if he withdrew from the rematch.

Tyson Fury was to jump in for him, and Joshua would later fight the winner. Although such a move seemed sensible, because Joshua would make good money without fighting at all, and the possibility of a match with Fury would open up.

However, AJ did not agree to this, and Fury turned to the match with Dillian Whyte. The assumption is that Joshua and Usyk will definitely arrange a rematch now, but it seems that this may not happen. Namely, Frank Warren, co-promoter of Tyson Fury, said that the above-mentioned agreement failed because Joshua asked for more and more money to withdraw from the rematch against Usyk.

However, Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn, claims that Fury was the one who caused the problems and did not want to fight Usyk. Still, Frank Warren in an interview with Talk Sport, continued with his narrative. '' He (Hearn) keeps saying that Tyson (Fury) didn't want to fight Usyk, but I don't think Joshua will fight either.

That's my opinion. I don't think he likes the idea of ​​that rematch at the moment." "Hearn has that fight in his hands, but why is he still talking about what we are doing? '' Warren said.

Eddie Hearn on a rematch

Still, Hearn said in a recent interview that a rematch is sure to come.

Eddie expects the fight contracts for May (fifth month). '' It's clear how AJ will fight Usyk, because that's the choice he prefers. You will watch that match in May. As for the location, negotiations are underway in the UK, America and the Middle East.

We had offers from all over the world for that match. I would love for us to do that in the UK, '' Hearn told BBC 5 Live Podcast. Fury’s team seems to be simply trying to provoke Joshua and Hearn. Still, the fact is that Fury, more than anything, wants a match against Joshua.

If AJ loses to Usyk again, the match between Fury and Joshua comes under question and the question is whether we will ever watch him. It is certain that most are nervous, and that there is no more patience for such things, but in these situations there is nothing left but to wait, and hope for the best outcome and that is a fight between two greats