Robert Easter Jr successfully recovers after being shot three times

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Robert Easter Jr successfully recovers after being shot three times

Two days after living probably the worst day of his life, Robert Easter Jr. is successfully recovering from a close encounter with robbers that resulted in him being shot three times. According to a police report, the incident happened on Monday evening on the streets of Cincinnati.

Easter, 31, tried to run away from a robber who approached him and asked him to hand over his jewelry, but the robber pulled out a gun and hit him several times, after which the boxer fell. He then took away two gold chains, three rings, and a mobile phone, after which he fled.

Easter was quickly transported to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. The same was successful and that same evening he was out of danger. Yet through Twitter posts we can conclude that he was in great agony. “I’m in so much pain,” is what the champion wrote shortly after waking up from anesthesia "Thank you for your support.

I am currently resting, I will recover and I will be ok," is another message, in a much more positive tone.

Robert's last message

In the end, what happened to Easter happens to many who encounter a situation like this, which could very easily have resulted in a fatal outcome.

"Please don’t hesitate to tell your people you love them no matter the circumstances let go of the grudge or problem you have with someone fix it talk it out and show them love," is currently Robert's last message.

"E-Bunny" brought back a smile on his face, which can be seen in the Instagram post of boxer Andrea Berta, who visited him at the hospital. This, however, brought some optimism in all this Easter played his last match at the moment a year ago, when he was better than Ryan Martin at the Top Rank event.

It was his second triumph in a row, after which he approached the opportunity to return to the throne, but this time he will try to do so in the super-lightweight category. He won the lightweight title in September 2016, defeating Richard Commey and defending it three times before being defeated by Mikey Garcia in a match to unite the two titles.

We will see how the recovery will go and whether everything will be good for the former world champion in the end. He remains in the process of recovery, and now the most important thing is that he survived, but of course, the healing process will take a long time.