Ryan Garcia is back in the ring!

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Ryan Garcia is back in the ring!

When 23-year-old Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) recorded a knockout victory against former Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell early last year, it was believed to be a year of real breakthrough for young fighter Oscar De La Hoya.

Instead, we didn’t see Garcia in or near the ring all year. Although many criticized the performance against Campbell, guided by the fact that he ended up on the floor at the beginning of the match, Garcia managed to come back in that match and take control and eventually end up a much more experienced boxer than himself.

After all, Lomachenko and Linares boxed against Campbell and failed to overcome him with a stoppage. All in all, whatever your position on that match, you were looking forward to seeing what came next. Instead of big matches in more than an exciting light category, we got a year where almost nothing happened until the very end.

But some things are moving and proof of that is that Ryan finally has an officially arranged match. He will not fight against Isaac Cruz, as expected. Tray stated that the former semi-lightweight champion had been offered a large sum, but that the latter was not ready to accept it.

Then they turned to the other boxer.

Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe

On April 9 in San Antonio, he will have a fight against Emmanuel Tagoe (32-1, 15 KOs), a 33-year-old boxer from Ghana, the current winner of several less significant belts of elite organizations.

For him, this will certainly be the biggest match in his career, but also the first after November 2020 Tagoe was defeated only in his first professional match, after which he entered the winning streak. Still, we can’t escape the fact that “The Gameboy” has only played three matches so far outside of Ghana, including the last two.

He left his homeland late and started performing on the global scene, so we can't even be sure what his quality really is. We will certainly find out against Garcia, but we are somehow afraid that it could be another opponent to leave a deadly impression.

Ryan Garcia is certainly an extremely talented and very exciting boxer in the ring. His hands rightly call him the fastest in boxing and it is a pleasure to watch his matches. But it is much more fun if on the other hand there is someone like Campbell or a boxer against whom all fans want to see him. We hope that will happen soon.