Eddie Hearn: "Jake Paul is a disaster for the UFC, but he's good for boxing"

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Eddie Hearn: "Jake Paul is a disaster for the UFC, but he's good for boxing"

Opinions about Jake Paul in the world of martial arts are quite divided. While YouTuber has been a mostly hated figure since his appearance on this scene, more and more people are supporting him and praising what he does. Namely, the 25-year-old is increasingly advocating for the rights of UFC fighters and blaming Dana White for the way they do business.

Some will say that Paul does not care about UFC fighters, but simply wants to present himself as a positive figure in martial arts. Also, many think that Jake Paul is simply provoking Dana White and the UFC in this way. Jake Paul recorded three wins over MMA fighters last year, but it was boxing matches.

Ben Askren and twice Tyron Woodley, proved to be underage opponents for a guy who has only been boxing for a few years. Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, are some of the names Paul also wants to deal with. While Paul's "haters" are hoping that one of them will agree to the match and thus silence Paul, the famous boxing promoter Eddie Hearn believes that YouTuber does not deserve the strong criticism that has been directed at him in recent years.

Jake Paul and other boxing stars

'' I promoted his first match (against AnEson Gibb). I started this mess. I paired him with YouTube. But I like Jake Paul. I think fighters sometimes resent him and are against him, for everything they have sacrificed (building careers)."

"They say '15 years we kill each other in the hall!' True, but you are not good enough and you have not built the status he has built. Why would that be inadmissible?" "He also works hard in the gym.

He fell in love with sports and I think he’s good at boxing. I think he brings a diverse audience. '' Hearn explained his opinion on Paul's influence on boxing. '' The pressure on the organization (UFC) will be growing as time goes on, especially by someone sounding like Jake Paul.

He is a disaster for those guys. I think Jake is obsessed with it now and having fun that way. He's on a mission. Do I also think UFC fighters are underpaid? Yes, of course, '' Eddie added as a guest at the MMA Hour.

By the way, Jake and Eddie will work together to promote and organize the match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. It is the biggest fight in the history of women's boxing, and we will watch the match on April 30 (fourth month).

New York’s Madison Square Garden will be the venue, and for the first time in history, women will lead a martial arts event at that cult hall.