Jake Paul releases diss track video targeting Dana White and some UFC fighters

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Jake Paul releases diss track video targeting Dana White and some UFC fighters

As much as we like it or not, Jake Paul is no longer someone we should call a YouTuber. Jake Paul has become a legitimate member of the world martial arts community, a man who is followed, written about, and whose moves actively influence the world martial arts scene.

Especially after some of his latest moves have started to win the sympathy of the community, most precisely, mostly of MMA fans who do not agree with the policy of the UFC leadership, especially Dana White. Paul announced that he wants to change the UFC's approach to fighters, especially when it comes to the fees they receive for their performances.

And he announced that he would actively fight for it and that his war against Dana White had actually just begun. He seems to have decided to open one battlefield in that war through music, a song in which he “ripped off” some of his views, not only towards White but also towards Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz, and Conor McGregor.

And it seems that in his war against the UFC, he was joined by Cris Cyborg, who at the beginning of the video plays a fighter who is listed on a low-income contract, after which the UFC leadership rubs their hands contentedly by cheating on her.

At that moment, Jake appears with the team. After the main message of the song "F * ck Dana White", the first in line was Masvidal, to whom Jake says that he is not rich and that five million dollars earned in 50 fights is nothing.

Jake Paul's song details

He immediately turned to the fact that UFC fighters do not have health care and that with poorly paid fights they risk their health. Nate Diaz was stabbed for his way of speaking and behaving, only to quickly move back to White, with a lot of vulgar messages.

He used a lot of phrases for Dana White he had used before, of course, he didn't forget to mention cocaine, and this time he went to family ties. Conor McGregor was given a reminiscence of his latest results and incidents off the field, while it all ends with a promise that Dana White will tap.

In short, it is the easiest way to describe what Jake said, but it is best to watch the same, along with the video, yourself. Ever since Jake Paul appeared in the martial arts world until recently, he has not had the sympathies of martial arts fans, but he has been gaining more and more of them lately, after he sided with UFC fighters.

Whether he is doing it out of some interest of his own or truly out of a desire to help, this is currently leading to results. And we know that with this, Jake has actually shown only a part of what he is preparing.