Mike Tyson: "Triler still hasn't paid me the full fee"

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Mike Tyson: "Triler still hasn't paid me the full fee"

An exhibition boxing match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was held 14 months ago, a show they led, which was a huge success. The organization of the same was done by Triller, an organization that until then dealt with most music events, in order to enter the martial art, where they still exist, some would say and progress.

According to information available at the time, the transfer of the event was sold in 1.6 million American homes, and Tyson was supposed to receive about ten million dollars, most of which he announced to donate to charity.

But has that money been paid out in full so far? "Most of it they have paid off, but there's still a big part that isn't and I can't say anything about it. It's all very strange," Tyson said during a guest appearance on the Full Send Podcast, along with Dana White.

Of course, White did not miss the opportunity to automatically further "spit" Triller, an organization whose leadership he has repeatedly called idiots. Triller is actually a very controversial player in this sports field, and their debacle with the organization of the match between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr.

is the best example of how they may have gotten into everything too ambitiously and uninformedly. Still, they currently seem to be on the right track with the Trial Combat project.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

Although Tyson has not yet confirmed how he ended up entering the ring, it seems that this is exactly the case with him.

An eventual match against Jake Paul doesn't sound very realistic, which "Iron Mike" himself confirmed. "I personally am no longer interested in these things. If something like that had happened when it all started, absolutely, because we both fought at the same show and we were active.

To do that now, I think everything would have turned out really bad for me. Everything that should have happened didn't go the right way, "Mike revealed that the stories have no basis. He eventually admitted that he allowed some people to get rich again in his name and work.

Ie. that his entire return to the ring did not go as he had hoped. "I don't think I'll ever fight again. Every 12 or 13 months I feel like I'm missing something. All of a sudden, there's no more muscle mass or anything."

"People want me to fight for $ 100 million, but I'm not interested in that anymore. First. the time I came back against Jones, I came back for fun. But some people turned it around, turned everything into a money business and that's where all the fun went, "Mike admitted.

Seeing that he is 55 years old, there really is no better decision than to enjoy everything he has created. He really had the best intentions, to do a couple of small fun exhibition matches in which he will financially help those who need it the most.