Anthony Joshua denied accepting an offer from Tyson Fury’s team

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Anthony Joshua denied accepting an offer from Tyson Fury’s team

Most of the British news portals and world martial arts or sports portals today transmitted the news that was first revealed by the Telegraph, that Anthony Joshua should accept the offer of $ 15 million these days, as much as Tyson Fury's promoters would pay him to step aside, to give up the rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, which would pave the way for the organization of the Fury match against Usyk, for the absolute heavyweight world champion.

Joshua would be in that case, later this year, fighting the winner. This actually sounded like a very real situation, since four months have passed since Joshua's defeat against Usyk, and the rematch has not yet been agreed, as it is not known who Joshua's new team should be and above all the new coach.

This is something that cannot be organized very quickly, so it is believed that it is very possible that he will not be ready for such a big fight in the near future, in fact, a fight that is crucial for the continuation of his career.

Joshua is a man who rarely reacts to captions, especially through social media, but this time he did it. Apparently, he was so enraged by the information passed on by Gareth A. Davis that he felt the need to immediately say that things were on his side.

Anthony Joshua statement

He did this through a video posted on his Snapchat profile. Yes, Joshua doesn’t really use social media, and when he does use it, then he does it on one that’s almost forgotten. "I hear people say that Joshua is willing to accept $ 15 million to step aside.

I haven't signed any contract for that. I haven't seen such a contract." "So, things are like this. Stop listening to shit until the information comes from me. I'm a man who controls his own destiny, I'm a man who solves his own business.

I'm a smart person and my every decision is very well calculated, "Joshua said in a 36-second video. We should definitely know more information on Wednesday when the fee auction for the match between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte is scheduled.

Of course, if the teams don't agree before the auction, then it doesn't happen. Anyway, Fury’s team doesn’t hide their intention to pay Joshua so much money just so they can get to the match they want.

On the other hand, in such a case, Joshua might turn out to be a coward in public, and he does not want to allow himself to do that. We hope to get all the answers this week for the difficult mess that has been going on like this for four months now.