Tyron Woodley to MMA fighters: "Jake Paul would literally fu*k a lot of y'all up"

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Tyron Woodley to MMA fighters: "Jake Paul would literally fu*k a lot of y'all up"

Late last month, Jake Paul stepped into the ring with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. Many martial arts fans rejoiced at the match, believing that YouTuber has absolutely no chance against a fighter like Woodley. "T-Wood" was supposed to be the one to stop all the "hype" about YouTube in boxing.

However, not only did Woodley lose, but it happened to him twice. Namely, after the defeat divided by the referee's decision, Woodley had a rematch against Jake Paul in the 12th month. The second match went even worse for Tyron as Paul brutally knocked him out in the sixth round.

Although Woodley has shown absolutely nothing through two matches and almost a full 14 rounds, many still believe it is a set-up. It's hard to believe that someone who has been training boxing for several years manages to knock out the once very intimidating UFC welterweight champion.

Public opinion is that Woodley totally compromised his career and legacy, by losing to YouTube. The question is who will show interest in signing Tyron Woodley, after four consecutive defeats under the auspices of the UFC, followed by two more defeats by Jake Paul in the boxing ring.

Still, Woodley believes that the defeat by Jake Paul is not something shameful, and when he was a guest at the MMA Hour, he also revealed why he thinks so. '' A handful of people say 'Aw, you lost to Jake Paul again.

He knocked you out. ' He (Jake Paul) would literally fu*k a lot of y'all up and other people talking nonsense, '' Woodley said in an interview with Helwani.

Tyon Woodley next opponent

By the way, when it comes to Woodley's next performance, Dan Hardy hinted that it would happen again in the boxing ring.

Namely, Hardy claims that he will be boxing with Woodley and that he has already signed a contract. The match should take place sometime during 2022, but Tyron doesn’t seem particularly interested in a boxing match with Hardy.

'' I don't want to give Dan Hardy any importance. I’d like to bring out some s*it about him, but I don’t want to give him significance. Who cares about a painted Mohican?" "Stop it, man, you're not 'The Outlaw' anymore (Nick Hardy's nickname, op.a.).

You haven’t punched anyone in the face in the last 10 years, so stop with that ‘Outlaw’ shit." "There was a lot of talk about the match between me and him, and good money was offered. But good money is offered to me for a lot of different fights."

"However, I was thinking about boxing with Dan. I think that benefits him. If we do an MMA match, I can hit him a little with my elbows and then a little with my knee, and then I can slap him like a bitch. I need open palms to do that. I don't know, we'll see. "