Eddie Hearn has a potential fight date between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

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Eddie Hearn has a potential fight date between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

A reversal, ie a "twist" like those from the best thrillers recorded in the golden age of the genre, ie in the 1990s, left the world boxing public without a match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. The key person was Deontay Wilder, who won the right to a match against Fury in court, and Anthony Joshua turned in the other direction.

The match was supposed to be postponed until both of them did what was in front of them, but problems arose when Joshua was defeated by Oleksandr Usyk. Had it not happened, we would probably already have the spring date of the big clash, while Joshua will try to regain his titles through a rematch against Usyk, and Fury could, apparently, fight DIlian Whyte, who is a mandatory challenger for his WBC title of champion.

But Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn believes that the match against Fury could take place regardless of what happens in the next matches. Anthony Joshua’s match against Oleksandr Usyk is likely to take place in April or May, after which Joshua will be ready to perform next fall.

And here Hearn believes that Tyson Fury will be an opponent. He should play his next match even earlier, at the end of March, but the combination around the opponent still has a few and the right entanglements have emerged so specific to today's professional boxing.

The situation is to be clear when the matches are of course done.

Eddie Hearn on Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

"The fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury is still a fight everyone wants. People are hoping to see that and that's why this match will always be relevant."

"Of course, the bigger the better for all of us," Eddie Hearn said these days, adding a promise to fans: "I promise you that fight will happen. Late this year or in the early months of next. That match has to happen because it's just too big to avoid.

What might stop him though would be Anthon Joshua’s eventual convincing defeat in the rematch against Usyk. This is something after which interest would certainly subside, which would automatically increase interest in watching Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury, which is actually the match that "Gipsy King" was hoping for now and called on Anthony Joshua to give up the rematch, which of course was not an option.

Yes, the fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury would be great even then, but by no means bigger and more meaningful than the fight for the unification of the title, which was actually the initial premise of the originally planned match.

It is up to Eddie Hearn to provide Anthony Joshua with the best possible conditions to return the belts to his possession, which he obviously does, while Anthony Joshua's task will be to prepare in the best way, mentally ready to enter the ring and then do the job.

If he loses in the return match, it is realistic that he will be less and less interesting, at least before he makes a great result again.