How much did Jake Paul earn the previous year?

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How much did Jake Paul earn the previous year?

Extremely successful 2021 for Jake Paul. The 24-year-old has been building popularity through YouTube for years, and used the fame he gained through that platform to try his hand at boxing. In professional boxing, he made his debut in the first month of 2020, knocking out another YouTuber AnEsonGib, and in late 2020, he brutally knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Although Jake Paul has already attracted a lot of public attention with his knockout against Robinson, 2021 was even better for him. Three wins in as many appearances, the Cleveland guy recorded. Ben Askren, and then twice Tyron Woodley, former UFC welterweight champion, fell in order.

Many did not expect Paul to beat renowned MMA fighters, but he did so quite convincingly. Jake Paul went on to challenge UFC fighters, from Jorge Masvidal to Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. Despite rivalry with members of the UFC roster, Paul often publicly advocates for them.

You recently had a chance to read about his public debate with Dana White, the UFC president. YouTuber has demanded that fighters be given minimum wages and that they be given better conditions in terms of health and pension care.

Paul has known to call put White and the UFC before, saying fighters are risking their own health for the incredibly small numbers they earn. Recall, the minimum fee for a UFC fighter is $ 12,000 per match. It is a gross amount that, after taxes and various expenses, is actually much less.

Earnings of Jake Paul

It is therefore not surprising that fighters in their later years, such as Askren and Woodley, agree to try their hand at boxing matches with YouTubers. It is unfortunate that such fights bring much higher earnings, and the well-known Forbes magazine gave an insight into last year's earnings of Jake Paul.

According to Forbes, Jake Paul earned about $ 40 million from boxing last year. This is the amount before taxes. Another five million dollars, YouTuber earned his other hobbies. His earnings would make him the 20th highest-paid athlete in the past year.

The only boxer to enter the top 50 on that list is Canelo Alvarez. The Mexican took 48th place, earning $ 34 million. By the way, the first place on that scale was taken by Conor McGregor with a salary of 180 million dollars.

So, despite the information that the rematch between Paul and Woodley sold only 75 thousand PPVs, it seems that Jake earned extremely well for his three victories. There is no doubt that Jake Paul I s doing a great job financially, and considering that he is undefeated in five professional boxing matches, it must be admitted that he is currently doing well in sports as well.