Frazer Clarke: "I can reach the world title in five years"

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Frazer Clarke: "I can reach the world title in five years"

For a long time, Frazer Clarke waited for his chance in amateur boxing. In fact, two Olympic cycles. And while for that 2012 he was still too young to fight Anthony Joshua, in 2016 against Joe Joyce he failed despite good form.

He remained in the amateurs for another cycle, achieved some significant results and finally won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which he won with a victory against Marko Milun. He decided to go the natural route after the medal, which is professional boxing.

He has signed a contract with Sky Sports and on February 19 he will have the opportunity to make his professional debut. He still doesn't know who his opponent will be, but it is known that he will perform at the Sky Sports event he is leading for Great Britain, a really huge match between Kel Brook and Amir Khan.

Clarke goes to the pros with a goal he shares with almost every boxer of his references. He goes to climb to the top of the world. "I want to win titles, that's my job and my goal. In the end I want to become a world champion.

We will slowly build this story and in time there will be real fights." "I want to fight big names. These are fighters who inspire me through my career, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. You've seen how great a fight Chisora ​​and Parker have done."

"These are the fights I want. I want big fights and big names, but I understand the process," he said of his goals for Sky Sports. Many believe that he may have waited too long for his opportunity, and that he went to the professionals too late, since he is 30 years old.

Frazer Clarke and his age

But looking at being a heavyweight, and even though it's still a year less than Joe Joyce had when he went into pro water, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor. After all, that's what he thinks.

"I am one hundred percent convinced that I can reach the world title in five years. I know that from the way I train and how I feel. I am getting better, like quality wine." "35 are great years, and until then I will definitely be a world champion.

we have a lot of work to do but people don’t see what I do every day in the gym, day after day." "I’ve met different styles of boxing, I’ve been on the world stage for a long time and I’ve had tough matches against top names.But this is like a new sport and a new challenge.

I know I still have to make progress, "he concluded realistically. The only question is what are the chances of a boxer who has always been at the top in his amateur career, but never on it, to achieve it in the professional? It will be up to him to show it. Frazer Clarke is certainly a great fighter