Vladimir Klitschko calls out Tyson Fury

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Vladimir Klitschko calls out Tyson Fury

Earlier in the day, you had a chance to read about the somewhat unexpected appearance of Tyson Fury. 'Gypsy King' decided to challenge Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk. It's no secret that Tyson Fury has been wanting a match against Anthony Joshua for a long time, but the Briton brought everything under question, losing to Usyk.

If AJ loses in the return leg, it is extremely questionable whether we will ever watch him and Fury on opposite sides in the ring. "You know what I can't believe? That Joshua allowed Ukraine to take away all his heavy belts, after all the hard work I put in to get them back.

You big useless bastard." "You let the little guy on steroids come in the middleweight, to win against you. It will obviously take a real British bomber from Lancaster, like me, to go get it back, useless little one ...

take those belts and take them back to Britain, "Fury told Joshua in a video he shared on Twitter. . It is a bit unclear why Fury decided to attack Oleksandr Usyk as well, that is, why he accused the Ukrainian of using steroids.

Klitschko to Fury

Vladimir Klitschko, also a Ukrainian and former rival of Tyson Fury, did not like such accusations. We remind you that Fury dethroned Klitschko in November 2015, and after that Vladimir lost to Joshua and retired.

Oleksandr Usyk is his legitimate Ukrainian successor, and Klitschko has stood in his defense. '' Tyson Fury, you live in a glass house and someone needs to take away your stones. It hasn’t been that long since you were positive for doping before our fight.

Everyone knows how to google. Stay dignified. '', Is Klitschko's message to Fury. By the way, the saying that "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones" says that people should not criticize others for things they have done themselves.

Recall, Fury in June 2016 ran into problems with the anti-doping agency. In the sample taken in the second month of 2015, the presence of illicit substances was found, mostly nandrolone. Still, Fury's response to Klitschko's criticism was not long in coming.

"Gypsy King" said via Instagram: '' Klitschko, you couldn't hit once in 12 rounds, you bastard. Your time has gome. You and Usyk together could never beat me. " Obviously hey Tyson Fury has tremendous confidence, and has decided to call out many fighters. But we are aware of his quality, so that gives him the right to do things like this