Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua at Tottenham Stadium!

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Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua at Tottenham Stadium!

Although March was mentioned until recently, it seems that the rematch of the boxing match for the WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight titles, between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, will still take place in April. This was confirmed through the latest statements by the main organizer of the same, Eddie Hearn.

The match will be held in London, probably in the open, ie in one of the stadiums, and it is interesting that Kyiv was not even mentioned by Hearn as an option. In the autumn, when it was certain that a rematch would take place, Hearn immediately rejected Kyiv as an option, believing that it was too cold in the Ukrainian metropolis in February or March.

But the match apparently went on until April. Still, Hearn is Joshua's promoter and his goal is certainly to provide his boxer with the best possible conditions for returning the belts to ownership. "April seems very realistic for this match.

We used to think it would be February, but matches like this bring a lot of organizational work. As we are interested in organizing an open match, we didn't want to work in March either. Hearn said, turning to Joshua's situation: "AJ has been training constantly since the first match.

The training camp could start in February. Although April seems very close even then, it is realistic that he will be ready for that match."

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England was chosen despite the great interest of some other, even richer states.

"We had two or three offers from other countries, but the success of the fight at Tottenham Stadium drives me, everything was great except the results." "I want to do that fight again in the United Kingdom, again at that stadium or at Wembley.

This is a match for Joshua he must win and if we have a chance to organize it there, we should go for it, ”Hearn explained. If Joshua regains the belts in his possession, he will once again be in a position to host a match against Tyson Fury for the absolute heavyweight champion.

Fury will meanwhile also do one match, but there are a lot of strange things around him, so the opponent’s confirmation for him isn’t even close yet. As things stand at the moment, Anthony Joshua should also enter the match with a new coach in his corner, but it is not yet known who that could be.

He has gone through several famous world halls in recent months, but so far he has not chosen one as the one where he will prepare for the most important match of his life.

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