Anthony Joshua talks about the match against Oleksandr Usyk

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Anthony Joshua talks about the match against Oleksandr Usyk

Anthony Joshua suffered a defeat in his last match against Oleksandr Usyk. Joshua could not match his opponent who was better and it is certain that at one point he repented of his decision. Namely, Anthony Joshua was left without a match against Tyson Fury and had to find another opponent.

He thought Usyk was the best option, but the Ukrainian showed how great a fighter he was and denied all those who thought he would lose "I was supposed to fight Fury, and if I couldn't fight him, in the end I wanted the best possible opponent.

Usyk came from a lower category, a great boxer who knows how to box in 12 rounds." "On the other hand, there was still a stigma around me. how I don't know how to box but I'm just a big and cracked bodybuilder. I said okay, I'm going to test my boxing against him." "It didn't go in my direction.

He won nine rounds, I won three. In the next match I have to get four more rounds and "I'll win. Let me do it first, and then I'll get back on the road to becoming the absolute champion." "My place is on the big stage, my place is among the champions and among the best boxers of the generation.

You'll see why I think that," Joshua said in interview for Sky Sports.

Anthony Joshua and his ambitions

Anthony Joshua emphasizes that he has always had the greatest ambitions, and that is exactly what cost him last time, but he does not intend to give up, and believes that he can be better in the next match.

"If I hadn't fought for the best, I wouldn't have lost. People have very high expectations of me, so they were shocked. I also have high expectations, and when I lost for the first time, I had a reason, even though I'm not someone looking for excuses." He was disappointed because at that moment everything looked as it should.

He looked ready, he was in good shape, but unfortunately for him Usyk boxed a level above that night "I will retaliate. But this defeat is especially painful because there were no problems. I just lost a better guy that night.

It gave me the motivation to move and rise from that position, "announced the rematch until recently IBF, WBO and WBA heavyweight world champion, confident that from spring it will become so again.

Anthony Joshua