Teddy Atlas doubts Kamaru Usman’s boxing skills

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Teddy Atlas doubts Kamaru Usman’s boxing skills

Kamaru Usman has shown that he has exceptional boxing skills, and it is obvious that he wants to fight in such a sport. Still, many boxing stars ridicule his move, and a big fuss erupted after Usman's statement that he wanted to fight Canelo Alvarez.

Teddy Atlas was the first to have something to say “He’s got physicality, he’s very strong, he’s a decent puncher, and he’s not a bad striker but I think a lot of his strengths are on the mat.

But, if you throw him in there with a B-level guy, or even a good journeyman guy, no [he wouldn’t win]." "I don’t want to upset anyone but as long as the rules are strictly boxing, but he wouldn’t be able to have tremendous success, ”Atlas said in an appearance on The Schmo podcast, as quoted by clutchpoints

Floyd Mayweather's vs Conor McGregor

He also compared it to Floyd Mayweather's fight against McGregor “McGregor had some success with the great Mayweather for a couple of reasons.

Mayweather was 40 and had been off for two and a half years, but another reason is styles make fights." "And McGregor was fighting a guy who’s a counter puncher. Who’s gonna give him some room. Let him perform a little bit, ”said Atlas.

“[Mayweather’s] is not gonna be a seek-and-destroy missile." "He wasn’t gonna be a guy like [Errol] Spence would have been. One of those go-get-you kinds of guys that would have been aggressive and went right after and maybe exposed him in certain areas.

So Mayweather gave him some room, and to the credit of McGregor, he was ahead after four rounds. Teddy Atlas also pointed out the importance of fighters' styles during the match “I was there for ESPN, calling the fight.

And there’s a reason [he was ahead]. He was staying outside with the counter punching and using his reach, using the jab, and [after] four rounds he was ahead." "But then, of course, Mayweather did what he had to do in his realm to break him down, and he did.

But the point I’m making is styles make fights, ”he continued. “UFC, MMA, boxing, I don’t give a damn what it is, that’s consistent. And for Usman, if they pick the right style, that would have a lot to do with the kind of success or lack of success he would have in boxing, but he couldn’t just come in and [win].

“Because he doesn’t have one area where you can say he’s real cute or elusive. You know who would have a better shot? [Sean] O’Malley. Because he’s a little bit more slick and you can put him in with a guy who’s a little slow-footed. I guy that’s not really busy. ”