Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring and prepares a new ‘circus’

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Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring and prepares a new ‘circus’

Soon, 45-year-old Floyd Mayweather devoted himself entirely to exhibitions. The last professional boxing match, Floyd Mayweather did back in 2017, defeating Conor McGregor. Some will say that this match could also be classified as an exhibition, but it was sanctioned by the commission and counts as a professional fight.

After that, Floyd Mayweather entered the ring with Tenshin Nasukawa and Logan Paul. Both matches were exhibited. The Japanese kickboxer and MMA fighter did not have a good time in that exhibition and was knocked out in the first round.

YouTuber Logan Paul made good use of the huge difference in weight and size and made it to the end of the match which took place in eight rounds. According to information from the Boxing Junkie portal, Floyd Mayweather will re-enter the ring.

Namely, next month, on February 20, Mayweather will fight in Abu Dhabi. The fight should take place at the top of the Burj Al Hotel in Dubai, more precisely on the helipad (helicopter landing dock). It is obvious that they want to turn this match into a real spectacle, although most still think that this match is far from a spectacle.

‘‘ A very special audience will be present, there won’t be a lot of people. So if you get the chance to come to this event, know that you are very, very special, ’’ Floyd Mayweather said.

Floyd Mayweather and Rashed ‘‘ Money Kicks ’’ Belhas

To make the "circus" even bigger, Floyd Mayweather will, according to certain information, fight against another YouTuber and influencer Rashed ‘‘ Money Kicks ’’ Belhas should be his opponent.

This is a 19-year-old guy from Dubai, who has two amateur boxing matches behind him. He won in both. The young Rashed is the son of tycoon Saif Ahmen Belhas. Of course, ‘‘ Money Kicks ’’ has no boxing references to deserve to share a ring with Floyd Mayweather.

However, he has followers on social media and a huge amount of money, and in today’s world of boxing, that’s also more than enough to share a ring with boxing greats. It is clear that Floyd Mayweather is now focused on money (although this has been the case before), and that his fight is in the background.

Most boxing fans oppose things like this, but fighters do what they make a profit from, so it’s no surprise his decision. Floyd Mayweather will certainly ignore the comments and will achieve his main goal.